What a great quote!

Some days are just great!

You get an email from the NY Times and it says this:

“Home networking remains one of the world’s most frustrating
endeavors …”

David Pogue

Their Circuits Section has this article by the popular Pogue on how difficult things are in Home Networking. A Few choice quotes:

Home networking remains one of the world’s most frustrating endeavors; 30 percent of home-networking gear winds up getting returned to the store.

Not sure that is correct (it may be a myth, as I heard that nothing above 10% returns survives the retail shelves), but here is more:

There’s no Done message, no indication that I’m finished …

And more …

So let’s review: Netgear puts us through 15 screens, filled with terrifying legalese and implications that we’re about to corrupt our PC forever.

It has much more, railing on Vista, drivers, number of screens per install, etc.
Read the article.

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New look, smoother and slicker

We changed some elements of the look and feel of the home page of the HDA, such as the header, tabs and footer. The idea is to make it softer looking and easier to browse. This also paves the way for pluggable themes!

Anyone want to write a theme? :)

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The blog is alive and kicking

The blog is now live with all HDA machines and is lined from the main pages!

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Improved setup pages

We improved the new setup pages. New streamlined tabs! http://setup

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New, simpler, application install procedure

We have improved the way that HDA apps are installed. An application that is available can now be installed with a single click, without any extra steps. Additionally, the user is provided with nice visual feedback, positioning the application in the “Installed Applications” section or the “Available Applications” section.

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