Brand New Home Page!

We are sporting a new home page for our site! We’re excited to introduce it to you!

New Amahi Linux Home Server Home Page

Some people have been previewing this new home page and providing great feedback.

In this new site, we are introducing the base for managing one (or more, for the true power users in you!) HDAs from one location. We are starting to expand our beta program to enthusiasts for our Amahi Linux Home Server.

Head on down to and give us some feedback!

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Nice large backup of my Mac with PBA

Isn’t it a nice feeling when you have a backup safely created? :-)

I finally got my Mac desktop backed up with the PBA app in my HDA and that feels good.

Check it out!Large Mac backup with PBA.

This one is the largest of the backups I have done with PBA on my HDA, clocking in at 61GB on a 75GB drive. We are still experiencing problems with the NFS mode of PBA. It’s much more efficient than ssh. However, it’s less stable. I would like to make it rock solid!

In the mean time, it may be best to have a simple option to control whether we use NFS mode or SSH mode.

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