Amahi Updates: Uniform Themes in Apps, Calendar

We have some quick Amahi Linux Home Server updates:

Amahi Calendar

  • Version 0.88 of the platform software, with new and improved support for themes, not only in the dashboard, set up and platform screens, but also incorporates a “theme server” for other apps, so that changing the theme in the platform settings can change the theme across apps. This version also contains some minor stability improvements.
  • Version 0.25 of the webcal app (the one showing the calendars through a web interface), is now using the theme server in the base Amahi platform to get part of it’s look and feel.
  • We have been working hard on improving the general usability of the Amahi web site.
    1. We have added the capability to send feedback to us directly from your account (we got some already!). This is a great way to submit questions to the FAQ!
    2. Completely streamlined and interactive set of step-by-step instructions. Many of the new users have followed them already and you guys have provided good feedback on it. The wiki instructions for install will be phased out over time.
    3. FAQ Questions in the FAQ Categories are now collapsed, since they were getting too big. You can go one by one or just search the page for the topic you are interested in!
  • Things coming up: a configuration wizard to let you configure your HDA(s) without sending email to support, easier navigation and account preferences. … And we have not forgotten about the infamous “error 22” …
    1. We wanted to give a Great Big Thanks to Gairy Spiers, who has been relentlessly helping out in various areas!

      One thing that he did is write a How-To on how to do automatic periodic backups from Windows XP machines to the HDA. Hit the image to see the How-To.

      Windows XP Backups to the Amahi Linux Home Server

      Not only that, Gairy has also been working on promotional banners for Amahi, which we will talk about soon, and working on the first real theme for the Amahi dashboard. He was also instrumental in getting the WeightWatcher app back in shape (pardon the pun). More about these two topics soon!

      In the mean time, many thanks to Gairy!

      We would like it if you all contributed to the Amahi wiki documenting your insightss in the areas you are most experienced in for the benefit of the other users!


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