Updates: PicLens slideshow, name server

Quick update, announcing the releases of these updates for the Amahi Linux Home Server:

Amahi Linux Home Server

  • slideshow 0.25:
    • new custom piclens logo. very purty! 🙂
    • two column layout for the picture folders
    • small improvement in speed
    • cached thumbnails get automatically refreshed when they are requested, so the cache does not expire based on when they were created
  • bind (name server):
    • amahi fixes for the x86-64 architecture (as reported upstream to RedHat)

Try the new slideshow! Piclens has also been updated by CoolIris (the authors of PicLens), which is a bit nicer as well.

We also found that if there are a lot of pictures in the pictures folder (over several thousand), piclens takes a few seconds to become blue – which is how it says it’s ready to go.

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