Updates: major update for backups with PBA

We’re happy to announce the release of PBA version 0.20. We think we have nipped the infamous “error #22” in the bud in PBA the backup app for Amahi.

While we were with PBA (Personal Backup App), we also decided to do some restructuring, since the package is so large. It’s 65MB of backup goodness. We have split it in two. A larger part, which changes rarely, and a smaller app, which does change more often as we add features to the backup manager.

PBA is made of two parts, conceptually. One part is the backup program itself, which is made up of programs to guide in the backup, and then mainly a very small Linux distro called INSERT. The larger part is the INSERT mini-distro. For a distro, it is very very small, however, when put in a package, it is on the large side, and can some times make Amahi users think it’s hung downloading.

The other part is the Amahi app that lets you manage the backups, sort through them, see how much disk they take, how long ago each backup was taken, etc.

Changelog is as follows:

  • The main cause of the common “error #22” should be fixed now.
  • The package has been split in two:
    • pba-0.20, with the core of the amahi app
    • pba-base-0.1, with the PBA core, which includes the micro-distro INSERT and the programs to manage the backups. this one is 64MB of PBA goodness. This will help in releasing new quick fixes in the small package. The big package does not change often.
  • Layout fixes to the table rendering in PBA
  • Fix an issue where deleting backup files did not always actually delete a backup
  • Add a spinner for user feedback while deleting the files. Some of backups may use 30GB, 60GB … or more and that can take a few seconds to delete!

The program was originally contributed by Roland Hui, to whom we take this opportunity to send great kudos! We heard from him today, regarding new ideas for PBA:

  • Processing LVM partitions more efficiently (at the moment these are done with the fallback low level method (a.k.a. brute force dd, no compression).
  • New PXE client (long overdue)
  • A system rescue cd as a client (pop a cdrom into the machine, and backup! no need to boot off the network!)
  • Adding back the possibility of using ssh/sshfs, useful for situations where NFS does not work well.

Good stuff!

Thanks to Robert and Gerald for helping reproduce and test this important release!

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