Updates: torrent app fixes

We just released hda-app-torrents-0.4, with fixes for the Amahi torrents app (based on torrentflux) so that the proper config files are copied in the right places in the web server config directories.


Under some conditions, this would not happen and the
app was not accessible even though it was installed.

You should have the updates by now. when it’s running, you can access the torrents client at this url in your network:


Thanks to Patrick to point us in the direction of this bug!


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Product Roadmap

Having revamped the website and prepared “behind the scenes” for scaling to serve thousands of users, the core team at Amahi has turned its attention to the most important thing — the Amahi HDA.

Before delving into some detail, first a comment on our goal. Ultimately we want the Amahi HDA to be for the average user to manage their home network. Of course we cannot do this straight away. Initially we have focused on the power users – to help build a robust offering. With some core functionality still to come (web based user and share management) we have started planning “what next?”

This is where the feedback from our beta users has been incredibly valuable. With close to a thousand responses to the question of desired functionality – a media server is the overwhelming feature request. The graph here summarises the results. In any case, we are very open to individual opinions and contributors so let us know your thoughts!

The team believes in the simple mantra “release early, release often” rather than aiming for the perfect code first time, so expect more in the near future!


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Announce: New theme iHama Candy!

Hey! Great news! We are happy to announce a new theme, called iHama Candy. It’s a variation of the iHama theme with a darker look.

It’s grey in tone, with a white logo and, as the name implies, some “eye candy” colors for the icons.

Kudos go to our theme expert Gerald!

Wouldn’t you know it, we have a screenshot of the theme! :-)

Now that it’s a bit easier to create themes, get your Photoshop or GIMP toolset and bring them on!

iHama Candy screenshot

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Update: platform, iHama theme

Some updates today. Bringing the theme engine one step closer to full “theming” capaility is something we’ve been striving for a little while. We’re almost there with this update.
What we need to close this particular loop is to create a common theme for headers in applications, like torrents (the bittorrent client), wiki, etc.

Here are the update details.

  • platform-0.94
    • Support for initialization by the themes, through ruby
    • This enables the “theme-ization” of piecharts in the setup/disk screen
    • Default theme supports new theme-ization
  • iHama-theme-1.3
    • Clickable logo (takes you to dashboard)
    • Setup pages with disk monitors now match the theme
    • Fixes for colors under IE/Safari
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Updates: platform, agedashi, iHama

In this update, the capability of having the dashboard page images as well as the logo image in the themes, as opposed to them being in the platform, is added.


This update is platform v0.93, iHama v1.2 and agedashi v1.4.

This should give more flexibility to theme authors!

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