Updates: platform, iHama theme, slideshow

A bunch of Amahi updates today, finxing a variety of relatively small issues.


One of them (in the platform) has been outstanding for a while and it was very annoying. Thanks to Mitch Davenport for contributing it and Steve Sennett for helping us nail this one by providing a reproducible environment to debug and fix it.

  • platform 0.92:
    • Fix issue where a dvd mounted could cause the setup screen to show as an error. Unfortunately, the fix is not a great solution and it may break again in the future. The problem is when mounted disks have special characters in the name, apparently, Linux reports them escaped in /etc/mtab (like a space is \040), which means the file we try to find is not found
    • Fix install scriplet failure to use full path
  • iHama theme 1.1:

    • Fix some CSS styling issues with application tables
    • Fix size of the thumbnail to be the standard 64×64
  • slideshow 0.26:

    • Better support for PicLens
    • Render the MediaRSS feed and the slideshow in alphanumerical order, so the pictures show in the order in which the directories show
    • Ignore image files whose name starts with a dot (Mac OS X generates lots of these for its own thumbnails)

As usual, the theme and the app need to be clicked (installed) in the MyApps page, to pick up the updates.

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