Update 8.17: PBA to not count extended partitions

This update includes PBA version 0.23, our full-disk backup app. The application web interface now skips adding up partition sizes for extended partitions.

Prior to this, disks with extended partitions would be reported to be larger than the actual disk, because extended partitions would be counted towards the size of the disk, even though they don’t really take disk space themselves.

Actual backup and restore functionality was unaffected by this bug.

PBA Backups

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Update 8.16: new installer, new dyndns system

Version 8.16 includes a new and improved installer, much more user friendly!


It also includes a new version of the Amahi daemon with a new dynamic DNS system.

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Amahi haz IRC channel!

Come visit us at our new IRC channel (kindly set up my Mike Collins, thanks Mike!), at:

IRC channel for Amahi

irc.freenode.net in channel #amahi

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Update 8.15: theme generator fully functional

This update contains an improved version of the utility called hda-theme-generator to generate theme skeletons was included. The utility can now be built as an RPM, contains new “generic” images and generated themes install successfully completely out of the box.

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Announce: Theme generator

One of the most important concerns with home networking is ease of use.

To this end, we have been developing themes for the Amahi Linux Home Server, to make it more user friendly to use.


We’d like to announce the pre-alpha version of a theme generator for Amahi Linux Home Server.

It’s almost there to get it working! There’s only a bit missing.

It’s under:

svn co https://amahi.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/amahi/utils/theme-generator theme-generator
cd theme-generator
make rpm

this will generate an rpm in the release/ directory.

What’s there:

  • Generic theme
  • Build infrastructure to create the rpm ready for release with proper versioning, etc.

What’s missing:

  • The script hda-generate-theme.
  • This script has details inside of what needs to be done.
    should be easy to do in perl, ruby, python … even bash.
    (probably ruby is best, since there is some CamelCase work that needs to be done)

What needs to be done is basically this:

  • Take a name for the theme
  • Make a theme directory based on the enclosed generic theme
  • Go through every (non-binary) file and substitute the name of the theme for the stubs in the file that act as placeholders for the name.
  • The generic theme images (which is based on the iHama theme), should be changed to generic images.
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