Update 8.24: VPN fixes

updatesIncluded in this release a fix for the VPN module where newer upstream releases of OpenVPN and Amahi’s default configuration prevented some users from authenticating, denying VPN access to their Amahi Linux Home Server (that’s not nice!).

The new VPN module contains a more production-ready setup, using the PAM authentication plugin to OpenVPN.

This release includes package hdactl-2.15. Joy!

Thanks go to Thomas Van den Berge for his critical help in resolving this!

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Update 8.23: fixes to setup pages

Included in this release is a fix for a minor bug that affected some new Amahi users where they could not access the setup pages in their Amahi HDA dashboard. updates

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Announce: New Platform, User Management

Exciting news!

We are announcing one of Amahi‘s most important point releases to date (v8.22).

The impact of this release will be barely noticed by most Amahi users, but it lays the foundation to make Amahi accesible to a much wider user base. OK, that might be a little dramatic; there is one feature all users will see, User Management shown in this screenshot (with the Agedashi theme)

User Management

The new features introduced in this release, technically known as hda-platform-0.97, has prompted the re-engineering of a substantial part of the platform software, which will allow future growth and more sophisticated features (e.g. integrating LDAP management). It also will allow apps to create their own tabs in the setup area! (We don’t have a demo app for this usage of the API, … any takers? :-) )

Here is a new user being created:

New User Creation

Once users are created, they can be deleted, which will delete all their files, and the full name can be changed by simply clicking on the name.

Edit User Name

Among other smaller feature enhancements, we include:

  • The “Computers” tab has been renamed to “Networking” based on user feedback (it makes more sense this way).
  • Beginning support for LDAP management
  • Beginning support for automatic submission of debug logs

We hope you enjoy this and look forward to bringing you more features that take advantage of this new codebase!

Big thanks to Gerald and Roland for the help and encouragement in bringing this new release to fruition.

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Update 8.21: HDA control daemon updates, installer improvements

This update provides features for the HDA control daemon to support the upcoming platform improvements.updates
Also included are some improvements to the Amahi installer to make it the best home server out there!

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Update 8.20: platform software tweaks

A small but important feature is included to the platform software to pave the way for major new features.
This allows upgrading the DB schema easily when needed on upgrades. Also included is a fix to the default authentication mechanism for Samba to shared. A new share is also included for the default location for windows or other backups.

Technically, the platform software is updated to version 0.96-4. The hdactl software is upgraded to version 2.13.

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