Update 9.a4: wrap-up of fixes for F9

Hi, long time no see!

After an intense period of changes, we just released the first public alpha of Amahi for Fedora 9.

The changes include fixes from the last few days and they are out in the the repos, in what can be called F9-alpha4.

Most notably, we have web apps (working to a basic level), removal of unnecessary dependencies on Imagemagick, and some smaller tweaks.

As we continue to a F9-beta release over the next few days, here are the bigger issues:

  • webcal – *still* not working, not clear why exactly, after a quick review of the code where i think the issue is
  • CSS fixes – we want to clean up and make themes easier to make and leaner. this is quite a bit of work.
  • Investigate the GD failure experienced by a couple of people (me included, initially). At this moment, I believe only one person has it reproduced in a machine and it’s live. Maybe MC can let us debug it there (vpn anyone?).
  • Finishing up of the web app functionality
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