Announce: Amahi for Fedora 9!

The team at Amahi is proud to announce the release of the Amahi Home Server for Fedora 9!

This is a significant release with added functionality visible to end-users and many “under-the-hood” improvements to enhance Amahi in the long run.

Many thanks to all the contributions, ideas and suggestions from the Amahi community: Tyler Mitchell (TestGuru and AppMaster extraordinaire!), Mitch Davenport, Michael Collins, Roland Hui, Carlos Ayuso, Toby Dawson, DevAuto, Pat Grismore and a few others that we’re surely forgetting. Not to forget Gerald and Carlos :)

Thanks again!
Improved functionality includes:

  • New User manager for creating and deleting users in your system, including create and delete users for VPN access, file sharing and ‘ssh’ for the technical user in you :)
  • New Shares manager for easily creating file shares (the version in this release is admittedly a bit ‘alpha’ – more to come in the not too distant future!)
  • New Web Apps manager for the easy installation of web apps on the Amahi platform. What is a web app, you ask?

    Applications like WordPress (blogging, see here for a non-mysql version), MediaWiki, Munin, Gallery, Jinzora, Torrentflux (bittorrent client), Maps from OSGeo (based on OpenLayers), Ampache media manager, PHPMyAdmin, URD (Usenet nzb downloader), OpenGoo (open source web office), and literally hundreds of other apps!

    As well, for the power users, this new interface lets you easily add your own custom apps in PHP/Python/Perl/CGI/etc.!

    See some custom apps (e.g. WordPress or Mediawiki with file-based databases) in Amahi’s wiki apps.

    You can easily add your own apps too! Become a developer and help bring more apps easily into the Amahi platform! This is a very exciting feature that takes the home server to a whole new level of usefulness!

  • New AmahiTunes application: an example of an application deployment on the Amahi platform. This application deploys the Firefly media server with one-click! Put your music in the Music share, and play it with iTunes Rythmbox, the Roku streaming Soundbridge, etc.

  • Enhanced Slideshow app with CoolIris (formerly PicLens) in Javascript, as well as Flash-based, spectacular 3-D slideshows!

Under-the hood improvements:

  • Smaller install footprint, with over 30% less packages required for base install, and a correspondingly faster install.
  • Streamlined installer, with one less reboot needed to get things running faster and much faster download of apps!
  • We are now supporting 64-bits versions of Fedora 9.
  • Infrastructure improvements to facilitate the (much requested) support for Ubuntu in the future.
  • Monitor the temperature of your drives in degrees Centigrade and Farenheit (new). Temperature is an important factor for preserving your data longer.
  • Improved themes: now it’s easier than ever to create and install themes for your Amahi HDA, with simplified CSS stylesheets that inherit sensible defaults from the default theme infrastructure.
  • Upstream improvements: we patch some rough edges on Fedora 9 (some of our own networking fixes) and upgrade to the new Fedora keys issued upstream. Reliability and stability is important in your home server!
  • New very slick (some say “shweeeet”) bug submission inteface in the setup area. Automatically submit a bug at the click of a button and help improve Amahi effortlessly!
  • Improved reliability features to the out-of-the-box VPN included in the Amahi Linux Home Server, bringing it to the latest stable release of OpenVPN.
  • Lots of other smaller fixes and enhancements too:

    • Fixes to the default webcal to save preferences for time-zone
    • Recipes demo app now comes with 25 new recipes (search for chocolate in the AJAX interface and thanks us later!)
    • Improved theme selection interface (theme changes on-the-fly)
    • Improved layout for the storage monitoring page
    • … and more!

Go forth and install! :-)

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