Amahi Home Server as a Workgroup Server

Today we released user requested improvements to make the Amahi home server more suitable to being a workgroup server.

Technically, we have added new features to manage shares in a way that they are group writable. Multiple users in a group can be controlled access with the features we already have, and now they can each have write access all files and folders in the share.

Users requesting this as a way of making the Amahi home server more suitable for workgroups and small businesses.

Shares OptionsIn this new release there is also a fix where web apps’ root directory gets properly changed when the user changes it in the webapp setup GUI.

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Amahi Forums

The Amahi home server Forums are here!

The IRC channel has been busy (too busy at some times). The Amahi users mailing list is getting used to answer similar questions repeatedly. In both these areas we have also found many discussions are recurring – the sort of issues that are well suited to be answered/supported in a forum.

After this “indirect demand” and requests from community members, we have finally established some forums for the Amahi home server. It may take a little time for the community to populate the forums – but we’re off to a good start!

The forums are located at

The forums are single sign-on with the mains Amahi home server site.

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