Applications – Variety is Good

It’s been a week since one-click application installation was released, and, already the community has submitted a competitor for Jinzora, one of the demonstration applications.

The featured new application is Ampache (not to be confused with apache!) Ampache is a web based audio/video streaming application and file manager allowing you to access your music & videos from anywhere, using almost any internet enabled device.

Not only does Ampache organize your music/videoes but it transcodes and streams it for you – making it accessible through a standard web browser interface (more info)! This is pretty amazing.


Gizmodo did a recent article on some of the nice new features of Microsoft “Windows 7” one of which was the abillity to access your music from ‘anywhere.‘ Problem is ‘anywhere’ in this case requires that you have a Windows Live account AND that the media player you are using is the same as that on Windows 7!

When we say anywhere we mean anywhere, cross platform, cross browser, you name it, Ampache enables it.

If you want, try both Ampache and Jinzora to see which one works best for you! You can do this in 5 minutes with Amahi one-click install.

We will be announcing more apps soon – we’re trying to work out the best way to manage this process.

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The hits keep on comin’!

Version 3.0 of the Amahi platform was released today after a lot of work and testing from the community.

Particular thanks for this release go to rampage and gjc1000 for patiently testing in their systems!

Included are more than a dozen improvements, among them

  • bringing the old-style native Amahi web apps to the one-click installer,
  • further improvements to the one-click installer and
  • dashboard improvement to display an unlimited set of apps, now in two columns when there are too many applications, shown below (as some of you have noticed already).


Now, each app can have one database of its own, and a package per app (RPM only, no DEBs yet), which are managed automatically. Other fixes include eliminating a timed-out page if the app gallery is not reachable (e.g. if there is no networking).

Recipes, seen in a small screenshot above, and Weightwatcher are two of the native apps released!

For details check out the commit details, included below after the break for your reading pleasure.


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The Web App Gallery and one-click install are here!

The rebellion strikes back!

The Amahi team is proud to announce the launch of the Amahi Web App Gallery.

That’s right! Once you have installed Amahi you can simply visit the list of available applications and install them on your home server with a single click!

Watch the screencast of the one-click installer in action with Gallery 2 the after the break below!

Applications being released with this announcement include:

  • Gallery2 , popular photo gallery application
  • uShare, UPnP and DLNA audio/visual media server
  • Jinzora, easy to use media streaming and management solution
  • WordPress, the leading blogging application
  • MediaWiki, the same Wiki package that got Wikipedia going!
  • Transmission, slick bit torrent client
  • SABnzbd , simple to use binary news reader
  • AjaXplorer, amazing, full featured, browser based, file navigator
  • WebVNC, remotely control your server through a browser
  • and more … with many others coming soon!

Packaging applications for one-click install is pretty simple. Indeed, one Linux n00b in the community (with some help in IRC channel) packaged the Jinzora media server!

If you have a favourite application you’d like to make available through one-click install see our how to contribute an application page.

Many many thanks to our great community for helping Amahi get to this important stage!

And now, back to Star Wars analogies – the Rebels have more applications in our gallery than the Empire. Let’s work to keep it that way!


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How pruddy! Themes! Oh My!


We made a new release of the platform software today. In it, we make it simpler than ever to create themes for the Amahi dashboard.

Themes can now be distributed simply as a folder (or in a tarball/zip file of a folder). It can’t get any simpler than that! Copy the folder into a folder with another name and poof! new theme!


In this new platform release, they can be installed with the one-click installer, just like apps in the Amahi Application Gallery. It is now now much easier to develop themes and to port existing Web templates or
WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal themes. Any takers? :-)

The package was released to the repos earlier today and it’s version 2.9. You can see three small screenshots of the existing themes on the right, with links to their Application Gallery pages.


This release also removes the (dangerous) new apps out of http://hda/myapps page, which is now nearing extinction.

This release also fixes this bug #106, “webapps don’t take numbers in path name.”

Enjoy! Contribute a theme with your favorite colors and images!

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