Amahi to Demo at Computex with Intel

The news is out – Amahi will be at Computex in Taiwan, in the Intel pavilion.

Amahi will be demonstrating the latest release of the Home Digital Assistant (HDA) home server running on an Intel Atom processor N270 series for embedded computing. The HDA is what Intel calls an “Open Consumer Applications Platform.” A new class of deviceĀ  integrating a home server with home router functionality. The demonstration will take place in the Intel pavilion from June 2nd to 6th, 2009.

Amahi at Computex with Intel

Above: Partial image of Intel Demo Brief with Amahi at Computex 2009

The demonstration will showcase an HDA operating in the booth at Computex as well as VPN access to a remote system (in California). The demo will cover:

  • the basic platform functionality for user and share creation, and networking control
  • one-click application installation
    • applications demonstrated will include media management, media serving, photo galleries, video surveillance applications and more!
  • cross platform support for Linux, Windows and Apple client machines will be highlighted

We have heard from many new users that they had no idea Amahi exists (there has been little if any marketing to date). This show might be what just changes that perception.

This is an exciting time for the community and Amahi – enjoy it!


  1. ch May 20


  2. Dave Lozier May 22

    I’m extremely delighted to have heard about this product. Since the beginning of this year I have been debating on creating my own home server with an Intel Atom processor on board. (for low power consumption) I also wanted to replace my home router which does not seem to handle the needs of my family and provide networked storage. The fact this is based on Linux makes it that much more appealing to me.

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Roland Hui May 23

    Congrats! How exciting!


  4. NOEL May 23

    Xe, quins ous que tens !!!

    Enhorabona i molt d’exit.

  5. Ross Havens May 25

    This is super! I wish you much success.

    I can’t wait to try one at home.

    Take Care,

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