Translations for Amahi 5.0: last call!

As we prepare for releasing Amahi 5.0, we thought we’d make a “last call” for any translations that you would like to be integrated in Amahi 5.0 out of the box.
Amahi in Chinese

Thanks to our amazing community, we already have a few completed, besides English (US): Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French (Canadian), Indonesian,  Portuguese (Brasil) and Spanish (Traditional).

Awesome work from the community!

We need help with some partial translations we have for German, Norwegian (NB – Bokmål), Italian, Greek and Russian.

Do you know any of those languages?

Do you know a language that you would like to see supported in Amahi?

The process is quick, about an hour or so to do an entire translation (less for a partial one), and it has some automatic help from Google Translate. If you are up for the task, get in touch by coming to the developer’s channel or write the team at support at amahi dot org!


  1. Thomas Rose Nov 10

    Hi Carlos,
    I would love to help for the german part.
    Actually i don’t have my HDA running, because i need my Server for some other things actually, but i would love to help bring amahi in full fluent german in the new version.
    Is there a web-translation-gui or something how i can contribute?

    Greetings from Düsseldorf

  2. carlos Nov 11

    WOW! Great response from volunteer translators!

    Thanks guys! We’ll update on this soon!

  3. Mighty Knight Nov 14


    Would very much like to help with providing a translation in Bulgarian.

  4. FuNKeR Nov 15

    I would also like to help with the German translation.

  5. Katya Dec 2

    I can do the Russian translation.

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