The Most Interesting Man in the World, on Amahi

Check out our new celebrity spokesperson, The Most Interesting Man in the World, speaking his thoughts on Amahi

What would YOU say about Amahi? Be sure to post your thoughts. Best one wins the Most Interesting Comment in the World :)

If you are not familiar with The Most Interesting Man in the World, from the beer commercials, see a selection of his ads.

We also made a “crash demo” of Amahi under 60 seconds, for new users

Let us know what we can improve in the video.

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Open community resources, help yourself!

Are you new to Amahi, or a crafty veteran?  Whatever your skill level may be, there are several outlets where you can get support.   One of Amahi’s greatest strengths is its dedicated community of core developers, contributing programmers, application testers, and passionate users from around the globe.

The Amahi Community is an ever changing and growing alliance, where our common goal is to create and support an easy to use home server.  There are several ways to get help when you run into a problem or just have a simple question.  Currently in place are the Wiki, Forums, Chat, and Email to support at amahi dot org.

The search box at the top of the Amahi site is a consolidated user search of all the Amahi sites! That probably should be your first destination!

Community resources at your fingertips

The Amahi Wiki is a community driven site built on the popular MediaWiki.  It contains a vast array of topics ranging from Installation, Applications, Troubleshooting, Roadmap, and many others.  It also includes a robust search feature, so this is a good starting point when looking for troubleshooting info.  This is also an area where you can contribute: register in the wiki with a (wik-specific) username and password to edit or add information.

The Amahi Forums is another place to get support if you cannot find the answers on the Wiki. The forum is broken down into a few specific topics, an area for the forum itself, and an area for developer topics.  Your username and password will allow you to log in and post.    After you have searched the forum and not found an answer for your specific question, post your question in the area that best fits your issue.  When posting your question, it is best to give as much detail as possible, including error messages, log files, or anything else that may aid the reader to help solve your problem. Also, if in your travels through the forums you see a question that you know the answer to, jump in there and answer it. You can also find some fun user stories and even pictures of their HDA’s on the forum!

And yet another spot to get help, or just come to hang out, is the #amahi channel on IRC Chat .  If you are not familiar with IRC, you can get up to speed quickly with a brief review of this tutorial.  If you’re a veteran, just point you client to #amahi on . The best approach when coming to IRC for help is to join the channel, check the Topic at the top of the page for useful links, say hello, and ask your question.  The key is to be patient!  Most of the people on the channel are doing other things too, or could be helping other users, so it may be a a few minutes before your query is answered. Amahi has a paste bin, for your long error messages or log files. Use it, then paste the url in the channel, so you don’t clog it up with code, etc.

Take the IRC Bot for a spin. With the commands listed you can do look up bugs, wiki pages, store and retrieve factoids, recall the last Amahi twitter post, see when a user was last seen on the channel, and even do Google searches of the web, wiki, and forums.

The New … Satisfaction!

Yet another way to discuss and get help is the new Amahi GetSatisfaction area! There are forums for asking questions, sharing ideas, reporting problems or even giving praise! This is our newest venue, and we would like to promote it. In particular, it has a great system to lend support for new ideas. This makes it easy to see what ideas are the most popular or most in demand! Please start using it often!

These are just a few of the ways you can get and share support in the Amahi Community.  You can also visit the FAQ, the Support page and if you are interested, contribute!


The Amahi Team

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