Amahi 5.4 and the Express all-in-one CD! All aboard!

We’re happy to announce Amahi 5.4 today!

Along with it, we also are happy to announce the Amahi Express CD!

Faster than Superman can rescue Lois Lane, the Express CD downloads and installs in minutes and gets you the most stable Amahi HDA ever.

Too bad you can’t install one AT THE OFFICE

Amahi 5.4 brings top notch stability improvements as well as UI improvements in looks and speed:

  • The installed applications show first on the apps tab so that it loads much faster
  • The servers tab is no longer an advance setting. It’s directly under Settings now, easy to reach
  • The default workgroup is now set to WORKGROUP, for easier interaction with Windows clients
  • … and more! See the 5.4 release notes for the details.

Amahi 5.4 should be now on your HDA, automatically updated!

Without further ado (drumroll) we bring you the …

Amahi Express CD

Installing faster than a bullet

The Express CD is an all-in-one, up-to-date, Amahi CD, for headless install, derived from Fedora 12. It’s the fastest and simplest way to install Amahi by far to date!

  • Express: it will automatically WIPE OUT your entire first drive for you (unless you chose the expert option).
  • Headless: there is NO desktop after install. This means faster and meaner, no wasted resources on graphics.
  • All-in-one: all the packages are included, much less downloading needed.
  • Up-to-date: the latest upstream updates from Fedora and from Amahi at the time the CD was pressed are included right in!

The development team got this down to about 400 MB, or about 10 times smaller than the regular install! Download, burn and share with some friends! 😉

Still need a desktop after all of this? We’ve got you covered with the desktop packages after you install.

When you stop by the community channel or the forums please take a minute to thank Solomon (slm4966) and the testers team for the hard work in putting this Express CD together and testing it!

This is expected to be our last release on Fedora 12 and the last in the 5.x series. Can’t wait to see the new goodies in 6.0!


The Amahi Team

Credit and tharrin @ flickr


  1. dizzy1 Jun 23


  2. SolaR Jun 23

    Very nice work team!

    Looking forward to Amahi 6.0!

  3. Xander Jun 23

    Amahi ROCKS!! It keep better and better.

  4. Fred Thompson Jun 23

    Can the Express CD be installed to a VirtualBox virtual machine under Ubuntu? Looking for a way to run Amahi with video serving but NOT have to dedicate a big box to it.

  5. Gerben Jun 23


  6. cpg Jun 23

    @Fred Thomson Yes it can be run under VirtualBox. A few people run Amahi on VMs, especially for testing.

  7. Jon D. Carson Jun 24

    I would like to use Amahi in a corporate environment for the Wiki, backups and some of the other Apps, but NOT for DNS and other mission critical roles. When I tried to install in a DMZ previously, it displayed an install error, and could not find the (online) install files. Will the Express CD fix that issue?

  8. Marcel Jun 24

    Congratulations guys with the relaese of Amahi 5.4! You guys do impressive work…

  9. Pablo F Jun 24

    I’m testing the Express cd 64 bit version, I works great! I installed the desktop with no problem also… I’m running Windows home server Vail Beta also and It looks like I just might be giving that up if this get better.
    I’m running both side by side. I want to tell the Amahi crew thanks for a great job they doing, keep up the good work guys!!! I hope to be with you guy till the end….

  10. cpg Jun 24


    The services can be disabled in the servers panel. You will have to manage the DNS names yourself. Installing in a DMZ is not recommended. Amahi is designed to be behind a firewall.

  11. rd Jun 25

    i want to install this via usb to a computer with no cd-rom drive…what should i do with the image?

  12. Zach Jun 25

    Tried to use this. It wouldn’t dhcp or static ip with my RTL8169 Gb pci card.
    It was cool though, I just dropped back to my fedora 12 dvd install method.

  13. duke Jun 25


    You should be able to download the Amahi Express CD .iso file and use it to create a bootable USB drive with the program ‘unetbootin’.

  14. ulrich Jun 26

    where do i get code to install 5.4 amali ?

  15. madmike Jun 26

    Tried the USB boot, tried external usb cdrom…no go.
    MUST plug the CD/DVD drive on SATA or IDE (in my case) to be able to install…

  16. Patto(c) Jun 27

    Good Work!!! This is my first time with Amahi Server… Was very easy the installation… Easy to install application…

  17. cpg Jun 29

    @Pablo F

    Thanks for the kudos! Hope you can provide feedback to keep Amahi ahead of the game 🙂

  18. Anor Jul 5

    hello all.. i’m trying to install amahi with this express cd but all i got is a blue screeen and nothing happens… can someone help me?

  19. sabat Jul 14

    Working with Amahi was a bit tricky at the start, but it was all my own fault, once I got it going it was great. I used to make my own computers with this same sort of setup, it would take me weeks, having to configure individual applications, probably 10-15 applications just to do what I wanted. When I found Amahi I was amazed, it incorporated almost every function of a home media server that I have had in my house for years, but added features I had not even contemplated.

    Overall my experience with Amahi has been superb and I look forward to many years to come, with my only wish being a Ubuntu port of it. I am however extremely fluent in Linux and found the changeover to Fedora simple despite a few problems I ran into, all of which were overcome easily. I cannot speak for other people, but overall I am astounded by the work done by the entire Amahi team.

    Congratulations on a great product. And I’ve only ran it for about a week, but WHAT A WEEK 🙂

  20. Trond Andersen Aug 10

    What is the space requirement for the headless CD? Could not find it on the wiki page. I have a 2GB Flash with IDE interface placed in a Intel SS 4200 EHW with four 1TB disks. Amahi wasn’t an option because of the install size for the main system. Will 2GB be enough?

  21. cpg Aug 10

    Hi, the downloads are a bit over 400MB (the wiki page says it, though it does not call much attention to it).

  22. Mikael Frisk Nov 1


    Have old Amahi and the Question is how to update it to 5.4?

    Regards, Mikael

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