Wake-on-LAN falls from the sky, no one injured. Go World Cup!

It was one of those brilliant things in life…

Funny things happen in FOSS communities, and Amahi is no exception!

It was a normal to quiet day on the Amahi Community Channel, when an un-named regular said:

“You know what would be cool? a “Wake” button, next to each entry in the Static IPs page.”

Wake-on-LAN (or WOL), standard that allows a computer to be magically turned on or woken up by a network message.

The community wheels really kicked into motion when other team members started searching for icons to use in the dashboard while many others tested some code. Then, before long, the team had a working platform with the new WOL feature to be released in the next update!

Amahi is taking long strides to bring your network back to the land of the free! This is but another step on our path to bring you the best that Amahi can offer!

The World cup championship is this weekend. We hate to pick sides! Really we do! But if we had to well … Our Spain supporters argued that our long term logo had been supporting the Netherlands all along with all that orange, so we decided to give a nudge to Spain for a few days 🙂


OK, we’re a bit biased, as the core team is partly formed by one spaniard 🙂

So sit back, relax, and enjoy friendly competition while two great teams battle each other for the coveted World Cup Trophy!


The Amahi Team


  1. vender Jul 12

    I’m probably just not geeky enough yet, but I’d much rather have my machine running Amahi set up to wake on LAN (or at least stop spinning the drives when they aren’t being used) because it seems to be working really hard from day to day even when it is not being used at all for long periods of time (days).

  2. FredThompson Jul 13

    Hmmm…that’s a good idea. Can Amahi do S3 sleep unless it’s remotely accessed? How about downclocking the CPU or something similar to reduce heat/noise/power for simple low bandwidth use then kick things up as needed?

  3. cpg Jul 13

    @vender This is a good idea.

    Maybe we can start looking into it. Anyone interested in testing it?

    It looks to me that, depending on the hardware, shutting the server down and enabling it to wake up on broadcast messages (DHCP requests are broadcast) could work in not-too-active networks. It would not be entirely plug-and-play — you still have to wait for the server to come up.

    Come by the channel and better yet file a bug for developing it!

    The drives are being power managed by the OS – they ought to not wake up too often at all! Can you check your system messages file (/var/log/messages) as well as the watchdog monitor log (/var/log/monit.log) for signs of activity?

    There should be only some occasional samba master queries for masters that are harmless!

  4. cpg Jul 13

    @FredThompson It does idle the CPU and lower the processor states all the time.

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