Trick or Treat?! Celebrate “All Hallows Eve” with a new Amahi release!

As we pondered in all of our geek and glory we decided to expand our story;
Amahi is here with a new release for you to enjoy, but relax it isn’t gory;
Many of the changes are quaint and contain much Amahi Lore;
There is no tapping of chamber doors, only intense mapping of the Amahi Core.
Yet as we speak, we are set to release, many more apps to the app store!
It’s not just this, it’s so much more!

It’s not Halloween without a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and while we are not literary poets, Amahi brings poetry-in-motion for the digital management of your media. We’re happy to announce our newest release, a new logo and and update on what’s next!

Amahi 5.6

Many enhancements and some fixes:

  • New platform with a few simplifications in the user interface, major performance improvements for application installs, and some fixes: translations to Spanish/Polish/Japanese, DLNA improvements for .nfo support, enhanced support for elevated privileges in some apps, added functionality for wake-on-LAN (WOL) for dynamic leases, improvements to the Primary Domain Controller (PDC) and more
  • HalloweenA new Greyhole release, v0.6.28, the very popular Storage Pooling technology built in with Amahi, with some stability updates and a new feature: browsing the recycle bin with a share
  • A new release of Amahi Plug Edition, version 1.0, for the popular Plug Computer! This update includes over 10 performance updates and tweaks, so that Amahi can run in even the most resource constrained Plug devices with as low as 128MB of memory, like the Seagate Dockstar or a PogoPlug.

New Logo!

We’ve got a new logo! This is the “dice” logo and we’re very happy to announce this! It turns out that choosing a new logo was a pretty intense experience (with 400+ entries received and so many good designs, mixed with opinions of every kind).

We got a lot of great feedback and we will be deploying the new logo along with a makeover of Amahi’s website soon!

Skipping Fedora 13 for F14

You’ve all been asking and we’ve decided to skip Fedora 13 and head straight to Fedora 14, due in 3 days! This provides numerous advantages to Amahi, including kernel updates without reboots!

We see a pattern of supporting even releases! (We also skipped F11).

Many thanks to obinou and ppmt for testing the new release of the Amahi Plug Edition, to Mouton for the great progress on Greyhole, to all of you in the community who gave feedback for the logo and for helping test the new release! Amahi could not do all this without you!


The Amahi Team

Photo by euart

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Crank up your media with Videos5 and .. GoogleTV!? (no permission required)

Word of Videos5 was leaked early in its development and, since then, it has been one of the most requested Apps in the history of Amahi. Today we’re happy to release Videos5 and the all-new Gallery 3 live. Two truly powerful apps!

Videos5 lets you stream your media to devices that can support HTML5, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Android devices and many others. It even lets you easily queue your media for transcoding to the format appropriate for streaming*.

Videos5 is expected to play well with the much buzzed about Google TV devices (Logitech revue, Sony TV). While everyone is steering people to watch things from the internet … how about watching your media in your screen(s)?!

Here is a quick video tour of the Videos5 app being used from an iPad:

Gallery 3

Gallery 3 is the latest from The Gallery ProjectGallery 2 has been one of the most popular one-click apps in Amahi. So its successor is highly anticipated!

Gallery is the premier open source web based photo album organizer. It gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you’re running a small personal site, large community site, or you’re just running it off of your HDA internally within your own network!

Back to Videos5

Have you ever had that one movie, the one you love, but is just too big for your phone or iPad? Now you can stream your videos to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or browser (and easily transcode it, if necessary)!

Videos5 allows you to stream your MPEG-4 (H.264) videos using any HTML5-compliant browser: Safari, Chrome & Android as well as the new versions of Firefox and Opera.

For each file that isn’t ready to stream, Videos5 will allow you to queue it for background transcoding. It even supports thumbnails. If your Movies share contains folder.jpg and filename.tbn files (also used by XBMC), those will be used in Videos5. Check the Videos5 wiki page for the juicy details.

We anticipate that you are now itching to go try out this new app for yourselves! Videos5 is now live!

As a pioneering leader in digital home management we are proud to bring you these two new apps. So get out there try it and rejoice in the wonders in which Amahi strives to bring you! Both of these apps deserve a Hollywood style Red Carpet Premier!  Flash! Glamour & Glitz!

Amahi is about making networking simple! Because it’s your network!


The Amahi Team

* Transcoding not available yet in the Amahi Plug Edition

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