Become a Cloud Ninja with Amahi 6 and Amahi Sync

The Amahi team is thrilled to announce Amahi 6 today!

We are also embarking in an adventure to make Amahi more successful and reach farther! We are going to offer 2 new premium accounts, with new services and support. We will make a few apps available in the Amahi App Store for a small convenience fee. About 2/3rds of the apps will remain as is, and the others would go for something like 99c to a few dollars, shared with the community and the app authors. Today we will start with our usual Free account, plus the new Pro and Ninja accounts :)

The first service we introduce is one that the community has been requesting for a while and we call Amahi Sync. Amahi Sync is an app that syncs files in designated shares on your HDA to a personal space online, one way from your HDA. It lets you easily backup, sync and share files in a network share, without installing any software in your client computers or other devices!

We are also introducing Server Alerts: a way to receive important notifications events related to your HDA. If you have logged in to your control panel recently, you may have seen the new alerts area! More on all this below. Back to Amahi 6!

Amahi 6.0: Reliability, Reliability, Reliability!

Amahi 6.0 brings a plethora of upgrades, reliability fixes and features, and better hardware support, courtesy of Fedora 14. Here are some of the highlights in this release (see the Amahi 6.0 release notes for all the details as well as the upgrade guide from Amahi 5/Fedora 12).

Application reliability. With HDAs distributed around the world, app installation could fail due to mirrors being down or unreachable (Sourceforge suffered a noticeable outage this past month). Amahi 6 uses a mirror system to minimize these errors down to zero. We are also in the process of building an even more robust mirror system (thanks to robbiet480 and smccloud for the efforts and server donations!).

Greyhole updates galore. The storage pooling technology in Amahi, Greyhole, is now at version 0.9. Greyhole has undergone tons of improvements and fixes, in part thanks to many in the community who really stressed it to the limits and exposed new issues. It also now uses a high-performance database as a back-end in Amahi 6, providing a 10X performance improvement in handling events!

Amahi 6.0 also introduces Anonymous/Guest share access, localize share names, and easy to manage webapp aliases (for the technical in you). It also supports (to a certain extent) upgrades from Amahi 5/Fedora 12! Check out the upgrade guide. Head on over to the Amahi 6.0 release notes for all the details!

So get your install on! Use the F14 DVD install for now, as the Express CD is being updated as we speak!

Online Synchronization, Server Alerts and Premium Plans!

The Amahi Sync and Server Alerts services (see screenshot of a server alert email to the right, below) join the very popular free VPN and dynamic DNS services, already providing reliable service for a long while.

Goal. These new plans and the recent Amahi Ready program for hardware vendors have the goal to take Amahi’s  success and extend it further and wider. In other words, we want to provide faster turn-around for features, perform rock-solid testing (we have built a small army of bots for app testing!), attract more apps (including non-open source apps), stimulate our contributors and testers (and manage the tester program properly) as well as provide professional support for these and newer services.

Many in the community have been very encouraging of this effort all along. We thank you for helping propel Amahi from a personal hobby, to the leading open source home server software used across 30+ countries and in 20+ languages.  And also having the coolest collection of media server apps and webapps!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what services you would like to have the most. A small team of contributors have been testing Amahi Sync and we are implementing even more improvements immediately. We’re offering a 20% discount for those signing up in the next 4 weeks of this roll out!

Now what is this new Amahi Sync you ask? Amahi Sync monitors files in a share called Public (with further customizations coming soon) and it instantly synchronizes online under a subdomain of Amahi Sync is implemented via Amazon’s AWS services. Amahi Sync is meant for easy sharing by everyone in your network: anyone can put files in without needing to install software in client computers and devices as well as simple backup.

Quick FAQ for Amahi 6.0

  • I installed the Amahi 6 beta. Do i need to reinstall? Good news! NO need to reinstall! The update is automatic a few hours after the repos are updated, your HDA will have the latest bits!
  • Is the Express CD ready? Are all the apps ready? Nope, sorry. We are going to work on the apps and the express CD next!
  • What architectures are supported? 32bit and 64bit x86 architectures (ARM is not yet supported in Amahi 6)
  • Can I upgrade from Amahi 5: yes, with caution and patience. You don’t have to, however. Your Amahi 5 server will continue running for years if you let it run!
  • I need help installing Fedora 14! Check the Full Fedora 14 install guide, which was designed for Linux novices and WHS converts into the Amahi way. Thanks slim!

Special Thanks!

Considering how Amahi 6 got over 230 installs in just the beta, it would be hard to credit everyone who participated in Amahi 6, from ideas, to documentation, to bugfixes, to testing. However, we’d like to give a collective THANK YOU to all those who have contributed in any way, since Amahi 6 looks like a very solid release!


The Amahi Team

[Pics by steven depolo and Mykl Roventine]

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  1. Tim Mar 3

    I commend you for creating a business around Amahi. One note… only allowing a person to have 1 Amahi HDA which equals 1 install (if I understand it correctly) means if I want to have a current server running Amahi and also run a test install on a Virtual Machine then I’d have to move up and start paying?

  2. duncan Mar 3

    After giving up on WHS due to vailfail and setting up a amahi5 server to evaluate it, I was holding off with going live until amahi6 rolled out. After reading this announcement I’m not sure now whether I will pursue it.

    I’m not impressed with your plans to generate income. I’m not against your desire to support and further the project but your implementation is not the best in my opinion.
    Amahi6 should be just like amahi5 open source and completely free.

    The advertisement item in the comparison table scares me, you have not said how it will be implemented but if its adverts on the dashboard then this says security vulnerability to me. If its spam count me out.

    The amahi sync storage should be a completely separate thing from the server and the app (as it seems) but is a great idea. you should also consider a cheap/variable 0GB (or 5gb max taster/test) option that just offers some user support and allows people to support amahi. The number of HDA’s option should only relate to how many HDA can use the online storage.

    There should also be no paid-for only apps (unless its something special that cost money to provide). These apps are all based on open source and thus the work of others. there should be a donation button/mechanism attached to every app for sure though. As soon as you charge for something, there are levels of expectation that need to be met and a whole lot of angry users if things don’t work 100%. you also look greedy and apple-ish no matter how small the amounts(read some of the user comments in itune appstore). Charging for apps will only raise the entry requirements for developers and the demands from users, while slowing down adoption of amahi.

    I’ll probably regret posting this, but after reading the above my nirvana bubble that was amahi just seemed to burst.

  3. Jim Mar 3

    Ad supported vs. subscription? I was a big fan of Amahi, but this is disappointing to hear. I’m all for creating opportunity’s for income for the Amahi team, but this is not the way to do it. I am pleased that they choose to leave VPN and DNS in the free plan. However advertising scars me and I’m tired of subscriptions. I’d much rather do a buy out. For now, I’m taking another look at WHS.

  4. cpg Mar 3

    @duncan, @Jim: Amahi has always been advertisement supported. Nothing changes there! Only ads in (NOT) in the server software itself! We will clarify that.

    Basically, no ads for Pro/Ninja users in, that’s all!

  5. Eric Mar 3

    I have been running 2 Zentyal servers at our church now for a few months, and are happy with them…I just had too much trouble trying to get Fedora to install on the hardware we had. I was going to try Amahi again, but with the new plans…guess I’ll stick with Zentyal, if for no other reason, I need to run more than 1 server.

  6. cpg Mar 3

    @Tim Test/development servers are OK. We have always been lax about that and will always be.

  7. pjcrux Mar 3

    @duncan We are always open to suggestions on how to improve Amahi. This is the beginning of an adventure and many people have insisted it that we should proceed with a plan like this, which encourages contributors. Thanks for your suggestions, looks like the ads part was misconstrued.

  8. vk7hch Mar 3

    I currently run 2 HDA’s under 5, so if I upgrade to 6 I will lose one of my servers? No thanks. I may end up looking at another solution mores the pity.

  9. cpg Mar 3

    @vk7hch No, you will not. We are going to be lax with the number of servers.

  10. mike Mar 4

    If the ads are only limited on site I don’t mind. As long as the server software itself doesn’t contain them and for us “basic home users” it’s free – i’m for it. Basic opensource apps should remain without cost, but it’s an improvement if there’s apps to come with little price tags that would normally never come to Amahi.

  11. Alfred Mar 4

    Hi guys, just my two cents…

    I am very interested in Amahi and eager to see what it can do for me. I am also one of the ppl from the WHS crowd. Alas, so far I have not had much success with testing Amahi. Why? “There is always the snag, eh?” (Hercule Poirot)…

    I would happily pay $$ for software that installs easily on ordinary hardware, which need no tinkering and tweeking to do the job. Can it be done the Amahi way?

    I am just an “ordinary dad” with a daytime job and the lot to go with it, looking for a convenient way of storing all the digital bits and pieces of the increasingly digital life, for easy access on a reasonably stable and predictable platform which lets me add a new drive and remove old ones. While servers may be cool to play with, I find that I don’t have that much pleasure from tinkering and tweeking the config files when I get home from work.

    I have great sympaty for your ambitions to generate some hard earned $$ for the project. But maybe there needs to be a more realistic focus? Maybe get a more basic product going well first? Maybe look to Redmond, what is the attraction of WHS? Providing *everything immediately* my be a tall order, even for the most dedicated.

  12. kmharris1980 Mar 4

    It’s disappointing to see all of the negative comments about the new release. I have been using Amahi for 2 years and have seen a lot of changes and development. I know there are a lot of open source zealots out there complaining about the charges for something that is basically open source. No one has chosen to package all the apps and utils into such an easy to use system and that takes time and effort. I applaud the Amahi team and say keep up the great work (and yes I will be paying for one of the premium accounts)

  13. MrPositive Mar 4

    I love that the project is getting mature enough to be able to support itself. My 2 cents of advice:

    1) Be very careful not to limit/charge for any functionality that was available for Amahi 5. (see HDA count limit for free accounts?)
    2) Be very careful about charging for apps. When one as a developer support an opensource project that gives it out for free or in donation based model he or she feels good, when some one then charges the user for it… well not everyone will be happy about it.

    I hope that the project will evolve in the direction of premium services, not premium features.

    Good luck and I hope Debian port will take of soon :)

  14. Jon Mar 4

    I would like a third account option. Cheaper without any Sync space.

    I´m in the mood for supporting a great product with some money, but feel the price is very reasonable with Sync space, but a little steep if you don´t need this space.

    Hope to see a Basic plan soon, with beta access, multiple servers maybe, mail alerts, a little app discount, no sync space.


  15. cpg Mar 4

    Based on your feedback, we have made the free servers to 2. Also clarified that it’s ads in

  16. cpg Mar 4

    @Jon Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely consider it!

  17. Corey Mar 4

    I would like to see part of Fedora14 integrated into amahi either as an app, or as a full feature, that allows the server to become more of a secure domain controller for the home. FreeIPA offers many cool user authentication features that works with Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and others that I believe would enhance amahi.

  18. Alex Silverman Mar 4


    I’m very torn with this release. While I’ve been using Amahi for a few months now, and have been extremely happy with every aspect of it, I’m sad to see restrictions being introduced for those of us who simply want a flexible server we don’t have to worry about. That said, the most impactful change I’ve noticed probably affects app developers more than Amahi users. Restricting beta access to only paid accounts seems like a mistake. It seems to me as though you’d want to have the largest pool of beta users possible, and let the authors trim it down from there. Users may see beta app access as an optional bonus, but I don’t believe authors look at it that way.

    Just my 2 cents on this. You’re all obviously authors yourselves, and I’m sure you had your reasons for the choices you made. Overall, Amahi is a tremendous achievement, and I’m happy an alternative to WHS exists for those who want it.

    – Alex

  19. pa Mar 4

    I hope Amahi doesn’t go the way xmarks went… well, it did work out for them in the end, but their business model didn’t work as they had planned. I don’t think making money is a bad idea :) — but it’s a bit too soon for Amahi, given its nascent stage. I personally feel, a charged support is better model than capping functionality of the base platform. I am also for non-free apps that provide real value, as long as, free apps are allowed to compete with them if anyone desires to develop them. Amahi Sync is a good example of a premier app, but if dropbox decides to put out an app for Amahi that competes with Amahi Sync, they should have equal chance. Another revenue path would be charging a small fee from the vendors of the premium apps. As I said, all these is a bit too soon for Amahi without a market share.

    On a separate note, Amahi should consider packaging the server as a stand-alone software instead of asking users to install Fedora and mess with repositories etc. I know it’s not that complicated, but if Amahi wants to draw users away from WHS, it needs to have a simple installer that asks few questions and then does everything on their behalf.

    PS: I never understood a need of having more than one hda (except test ones), and hence the cap on that. Anyone can explain me the benefits of having more than one hda?

  20. RobC Mar 4

    Very nice and thanks for all your hard work. I am glad to see clarifications on the free service. I will probably indeed be going to the pro plan myself, a good way to support continued development of Amahi.
    The Fedora 14 guide… very nice.

  21. Jim Mar 4

    Kudos to Amahi for listening to these suggesting, being flexible on the server count, and clarifying the Ads issue. I’m much more comfortable with all this now.

    However I too would love to see a cheaper price point (or buy out) without cloud support.

    Also, only the premium plans get access to Beta Apps, but isn’t it assumed if it’s beta, you are helping test the app… so we have to pay to volunteer out time testing? App developers get something our of us testing their beta apps too – I think it would be in everyone best interest to add that to the free plan.

  22. Tom Mar 4

    Great job on Amahi and getting 6 out.

    I would not mind paying for Amahi as a buy out. I really don’t need the sync option and don’t like making monthly payments.

    I also don’t understand why anyone would need more than 1 Amahai running. Are they corporate/company users as indicated by the amount of apps that fit in that category?

  23. icey Mar 4

    @Tom share ure thoughts on Amahi 6

    Any plans for a 1 or 2 hda subscription? Or like Tom said a buy out?
    I and the people where i deployed an hda would love to hear about such a plan..

    Congrats with the release, giving it a test spin this weekend

  24. cpg Mar 4

    @Tom, @icey: What do you guys mean by a “buy out”?

  25. Vernium Mar 4

    First of all congratulations for the new release! Have just upgraded from 5 to 6 using the preupgrade-cli method and everything went smoothly.

    I think when people say “buy out”, they mean a one off purchase fee, like purchasing Windows 7, you just pay once (for that version).

    I have been with Amahi for the last few months and, so far, I’m very happy with it. I like the constant improvements and therefore am very happy to support a subscription model so that progress is encouraged and so that I always have access to the best / newest developments.

    However, I do agree with some of the other users: Amahi Sync is a great idea, however I don’t have a use for it at this stage, so currently the Ninja / Pro subscription is too expensive for me. I find I rarely have time to beta test, therefore I’m not too fussed about not having access to that. But having access to Amahi Email alerts and the option to remove adds would be good. Therefore I would really like to see a non-Amahi Sync account type introduced with more subscription options (where possible I like to pay subscriptions on an annual basis with some savings associated with that).

    I would very much like to support Amahi financially, in the past, I have made a donation. However now that a subscription model and ads have been introduced, it would be good to see a subscription option that caters for users like me who have no need for a cloud storage service (as I won’t live with restrictions and ads and then donate on top of that).

    Once again, congratulations for the release! I think the developments are mostly very positive.

  26. Craig Mar 4

    I just installed Amahi as a first time user and I think it’s great. My only concern as a free user (for now) is access to apps. There are a lot of beta apps for Amahi 6 that aren’t available to a general user. This is frustrating.

    Given that almost half of the existing apps are themes, Amahi’s usability compared to Amahi 5 is quite low right now. I hope this will change soon. As a former WHS user, I’m very pleased with the transition, but I’m looking for a few specific apps before I’ll actually be happy.

    Congrats on the new version though, it seems solid to me.

  27. cpg Mar 4

    @Vernium, @Craig: Thanks for the supportive words. We’re working extra to get app verification going. We have developed a small army of bots for testing apps, however, it does take effort to make sure they run smooth! Expecting to have things ready in the next few days.

  28. dr2chase Mar 4

    I just start playing with Amahi, looking for a home storage/cloud box. My Big Disks are on order, it looks like it will do the minimum.

    Looking at the options offered for Pro and Ninja, I have to say, it does not do that much for me. The Big Disks are 2TB each (they’ll be mirrored, I want to wait a while before replacing them). A hundred GB of upload space, I am not sure that is such a big deal.

    The things that I wish we had were:

    1) better music apps. One organizes nicely, another does DAAP, another seems to just not really work. Would be nice to have one app that did it all. I’m still playing; maybe Songbird will make me happy.

    2) an email host/forwarder, maybe? Those of us with dynamic IP addresses are forever tossed in everyone’s blackhole filter; perhaps there’s a way to send outgoing mail via, instead.

    3) This is a little off-the-wall, but given all the horsepower in even very old boxes (I’m running a Duron, woo-hoo) and given that ipV6 is coming, it might be nifty if there were a “router app” that would let us replace our long-in-the-tooth Linksys routers with an Amahi Box (because last I checked, DD-WRT was the only choice for IPV6 support). Maybe this is too large a problem (wireless?).

  29. dr2chase Mar 4

    Ah, I forgot — SSL?

    And would it make sense to expose some apps via a router, ssl, and signup? That way, if we wanted to listen to our music stored at home elsewhere, we could do that (though I suppose an iPod gets the job done, right?) without firing up OpenVPN (which does not get through my employer’s firewalls and proxies, and I don’t think my employer would be happy if it could and I did — those firewalls and proxies are there for a reason. Accessing specific services over SSL is safer.)

  30. Mark Amber Mar 4

    This is amazing!

    I started using amahi way back, maybe just under 3 years ago this spring (I recall having to be accepted, but that could be for something else)

    I have seen some negative comments on charging for apps, well here is some information:
    1) The people at amahi are the ones that end up having to bundle, package, debug the setup of, and upload, and host the apps. The least you could do would be to make a donation, and people are so used to paying 99 cents for apps that it will make more sense to pay than to donate (some people do not want to donate, they just like getting stuff for free and not worrying about who paid for it).
    2) Nothing is stopping you from manually downloading, and installing the web app, manually looking for all the php5 modules it depends on, creating a database and user for the database, configuring the webapp, setting up apache2 with a new virtual server, adding the dns alias for the local machine, all of this would take about 30 min for an experienced user, and would be the way I would do it if faced with the decision to pay for the app, just because it seems easier than typing in a card number (no relay, I am weird like that)

  31. Craig Mar 5

    CPG – Thanks, glad to know you guys are on it!

    Mark – I know you probably weren’t addressing me, but I’m more than happy to toss a few bucks to people who bust their asses to make sure everything works 😉 I’ll gladly pay for quality implementations of apps.

  32. Ian Mar 5

    I just upgraded to 6 (more a reinstall), from Beta, was fairly simple whilst keeping access to all my existing shares and files.

    I’m a little underwhelmed at the availability of apps, I’m really looking for DLNA etc to get everything up and running on the various pieces of kit I have about the place.

    Will be interesting to see the pricing structure of these pay-for apps.

  33. dr2chase Mar 5

    I should add — I’m someone who would happily pay for apps, if they were pretty well packaged. That’s work, and I know it. I probably wouldn’t pay for cloud storage, just because it’s not something I’m convinced I need, nor is it something that I entirely trust.

  34. retinal Mar 5

    Go, Amahi! Congrats on 6!

    A lot of folks seem upset in these comments. Unfortunate but inevitable.

    I have been impressed with my Amahi and won’t mind paying a few bucks for polished, well-supported apps. I don’t see myself needing the premium services. What I do need is trouble-free, easy-to-do media streaming to iPad, Android devices, Xbox 360, PS3, Boxee, computers (Macs & PCs). More commonly supported VPN options (other than openVPN) would also be nice; as I’ll have to jailbreak my iPad and root my Droids to use openVPN. Tablet computing is here now, but the tablets don’t have hard drives- here’s where the file server part of Amahi can really shine. I’ll be keeping almost everything on Amahi, and using Android 3.0 and iOS tablets for all daily computing needs.

    I am looking forward to more apps in 6. I know the Amahi crew is working hard on them. I posted this idea in suggestions, but how about an Amahi App to support VLC Streamer Free for iPad?

    Keep up the good work, Amahi! Remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

  35. josh Mar 7

    @CPG buy out they mean pay $40.00 and done, instead of $5.00 a month. Basically like buying a license for windows Home server.

  36. TroelsL Mar 8

    I must say that I am very disappointed with the payments plans for amahi.

    First of all, I don’t have any need for Sync, so I don’t want to have to pay for that.

    Second of all, when there are virtually no apps in the “store”, charging for beta access seems greedy. The apps that worked for me (transmission, ushare etc.) under Amahi 5 no longer work with amahi 6, and now if I want to use them, I have to pay?

    As I see it, you’re killing contributions from people outside the team..

    Beta testing benefits everyone (amahi 6 desperate needs apps right now to be useful), yet it seems difficult to be beta access.

  37. cpg Mar 8

    @TroelsL Think about it: what do we gain from not offering more apps?

    We’re trying hard to certify the apps. I guess people do not realize how hard this is. What we can definitely _not_ do is release them “en masse” and then take massive heat for things not working right or “almost working”. Now, if someone wants to take the risk to install an app in beta/alpha that may not work, … and they are willing to pay for it, it’s their choice. We offer it as a perk, not as a restriction against everyone. We are working on ways to manage app reliability faster by building test bots that test apps 24×7.

  38. Yuna Mar 9

    Started a few months ago wiht version 5 of Amahi. Converted my Ubuntu box to Fedora and started off with Amahi. All went fine, streaming, wordpress, filesharing. And then I received the message about version 6. Did a clean install, copied all my files back… and then things where not as bright as it used to be. Filesharing works like a charme, nothing wrong with that. But now I have to pay for wordpress, firefly and dlna?
    Ok, maybe I should have read better (and maybe I still don’t understand it). I don’t mind to pay a fee for Amahi, but I REFUSE to pay for additional software that is available for free in most distro’s (and used to be free in Amahi 5).
    To make it short: As soon as I find the time, I will revert back to my previous solution. That will not be Amahi, but ubuntu server. Pitty, Amahi looked very promising.

  39. cpg Mar 9

    @Yuna: sorry to hear about that. We could not sustain the pace and what we were doing, let alone what we would like to do with Amahi (more polish/professional look, etc.) with ads and donations. It just never worked. Remember you *can* install these things in Amahi yourself, in fact, with webapps, you can do it much easier than a raw machine like Ubuntu, etc. We were hoping the small convenience fee would work. In fact it seems to be working well and people are accepting it. It’s basically saving you a LOT of time for a mere $2 or $3. And you get VPN, dynamic dns, greyhole and a lot of other things for free. Also if you have special circumstances or needs where you need assistance, contact us and we can work things out. Finally, you can also contribute apps, package them, etc. and app installs (even if you give them free to others) gives you service credits you can use towards other apps you want to buy.

  40. Yuna Mar 10

    @cpg: I fully understand that you want to earn a few bucks with Amahi to cover your costs. It is just that I had a fine working version 5 and was under the assumption that it was also free in version 6. The Amahi website is not very clear in this. It cost lots of time to upgrade (played it on save: so I did a fresh install) and reverting it back to version 5 is not very tempting :)

    Did some testing with webapps and so far I managed to get E107 (a cms) and phpBB3 to work. Relatively easy to do, and working. Going to test it further this weekend. Some minor tweaks needed (e.g. in the php.ini), but nothing that couldn’t be handeled.

  41. cpg Mar 10

    @Yuna: We have fixed the php.ini issue with the timezone and we’re testing the fix before releasing it out widely.

  42. ABK Apr 10

    I, for one, think that the move to paid subscriptions is a great idea. I just signed up with a pro account and I am excited to start testing some Beta Apps. Amahi Sync is a great idea as well, given how few people back their data up online. I am a computer technician and do a lot of data recovery, so anything that encourages online off-site backup is good in my book. Lastly, the pricing is very reasonable and costs no more than my Netflix membership. Keep up the good work.

  43. Brett Jun 4

    I was such a supporter. Not happy with the way the project is going.

    For my needs freenas will be a suitable replacement.

  44. cpg Jun 5

    @Brett Sorry to see you go. We’d like to hear criticism, alternatives, in constructive ways. We want to create an ecosystem that survives the test of time, with more apps, more features and keeping up to date with the latest Linux enhancements. Send us your feedback.

  45. cpg Jun 7

    Hello! A quick note that the Express CD has been released … see the latest blog post

  46. LpkYKwo Oct 7

    689253 605234Great artical, I unfortunately had some problems printing this artcle out, The print formating looks a little screwed over, something you might want to look into. 415433

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