Apple hits Amahi with a cease and desist — Wait. What?!?

Can you believe this?

Amahi got a cease and desist notice from Apple. It’s about the confusion that the “unauthorized use” of the English term app store causes in Amahi’s web site (click the image for the 2-page letter).

After the first shock, the questions start to emerge, like … What!? … or … why Amahi?

Long story short, Apple has to show they are defending a trademark claim they have on that term. Microsoft filed a motion to oppose that trademark claim in January, among other things stating that the two words separately are generic[1], that the 2-word term is also generic in English, that it’s widely used by consumers, by the press and in the software industry to refer to the many app stores available today, and that even Steve Jobs used it in a generic way to refer to other app stores. All possible reasons to not grant the claim. Later, Amazon launched their Appstore for Android in March, and Apple filed a lawsuit against Amazon. Here is an article with a brief history of the claimed trademark. Update: apparently, Nokia is also contesting the mark in Europe.

Then … Why Amahi? Why pick on such a small target when there are so many people using the app store term? Amahi is a Open Source startup, and is not even in the mobile space. We may never know …

We’re still trying to determine what is the best course of action (Update: we have started complying by rotating the term with the top contributions), however, this looks like a rather heavy handed move. Amahi being literally nothing next to Apple (sigh) we do not have the resources to fight this battle. Instead, we’re holding a


» Name the Store Contest «


We’d like it if you submit your suggestion for a term to use for Amahi’s store area, in every language on the surface of the earth, except of course using the term “app store.” Keep them short! We will use one of the top suggestions to name that area of our site. Even if yours does not get picked, you can still win one Plug Computer or one year of Amahi Pro membership. The team will randomly pick two winners among those submitting names, posting Facebook/Twitter posts/comments in that page. Keep it clean and fun!

To commemorate the occasion, we have released a new app called Amahi Invaders that you can install in your HDA (and you can play online too). Hope you enjoy!

Lend your hand to this effort!

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  • Translate this post to your language and distribute it in tech web sites and media in your area. Update: we have overviews/translations to a few other languages (thanks guys!)
  • Contact us if you know of current or prior use of the term “app store,” particularly before June 2008
  • Contact us if you have a great testimonial or brand to support Amahi, we’d like to feature it!

Finally, on a personal note, Amahi has been a labor of love that started as a hobby and it has evolved into a healthy community of enthusiasts and a budding startup around the project. As much as I respect Apple, I believe the term “app store” as we have been using it is generic of a store to buy apps, or descriptive, a very weak category of mark, if at all. I hope that Apple will not be entitled to monopolize the term after the litigation goes through. It’s nice to see that Amazon (and Microsoft) are bringing a strong challenge to the Apple claim.

Now back to work on much-needed improvements to our store!

Thanks to you for all the support you have been giving Amahi!

Carlos, for the Amahi Team


[1] What is a “generic name”?

A generic term is one used by much of the public to refer to a class or category of product or service. A generic name can not be protected or registered as a trademark or service mark. For example, no one seller can have trademark rights in “telephone” or “oven.” If a seller did have exclusive rights to call something by its recognized name, it would amount to a practical monopoly on selling that type of product. Even established trademarks can lose their protection if they are used generically: thermos and escalator are famous examples.

Legalese. All trademarks mentioned in this post are the property of their respective owners. There, we said it.

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  1. Andy Jun 21

    Unfortunately for Amahi, Apple kind of has to do this at this point. They want “App Store” to be their trademark and in order to have a trademark, you have to defend it. It sucks and going after the little guy is rarely a cool thing to do, but if they don’t, they won’t be able to argue that it’s their trademark against the big guys.

  2. Jason Munro Jun 21

    How about “Apple sucks store” ?

  3. Oomu Jun 21

    Just call your stuff applications !

    An applications store.

    “apps” was popularized by its use in iPhone. It’s not a big deal and you have much more important things to do.

  4. Ryan Jun 21

    Just call it the “Apps Store” xD They sell “App”, you sell “Apps”, it would be really funny if you could do that.

  5. Ferdinand Jun 21

    @Andy: You make it sound like Apple is a victim. Apple is completely evil by trying to own an English word. Apple wants to steal the word so that nobody but Apple can use it.

  6. Mach1 Jun 21

    How about “appl store”. It’s just short for “application”, yeah?

  7. karl Jun 21

    It sounds like Apple hitting on a small company to get a court decision and then being able to go after the big ones with this decision.

  8. Carl Jun 21

    Time to consult the EFF…

  9. iHama Jun 21

    @Ferdinand: Andy did no such thing. He fairly described the way U.S. trademark law works. If you don’t assert rights to a trademark, it will not be yours.

    Even Linux has a specialized organization — the Linux Mark Institute — which protects Linus Torvalds’ rights in the Linux name.

    On the other hand, protecting a mark may be futile when it is already in wide use. I hope Apple realizes this is just a distraction and lets this one go.

    This problem is easier to prevent when a trademark is an artificial, made-up word — like Amahi or Linux — because its unauthorized use is easier to avoid and prevent. I think Carlos should register Amahi as a trademark if he hasn’t already.

  10. Keith Pickett Jun 21

    Wow.. it’s amazing what some companies spend their time on. I find it funny that Apple seems to think the general public is stupid enough to believe that the term “App Store” applies only to Apple and no one else. It’s this kind of arrogance that keeps me from dropping $$ down for any Apple product. Not that I’m all that happy with my Microsoft products (I just bought a new laptop with Win 7 and it’s driving me crazy with blue screens and permission prompts, but I have never liked Apple’s attitude in general.
    So, with that how about “The Amahi Mall”

  11. brushbox Jun 21

    Call it the App Shop.

  12. Keith Grant Jun 21

    The evil overlord speaks!

    This is why I use open-source!


    Amahi App Gallery

  13. Nicholas Vettese Jun 21

    Crab “App”le Store

  14. volkswagner Jun 21

    Remember Napster… how about Appster

  15. David Kjellquist Jun 21

    Carlos, there is a clear reason while Apple attacks Amahi. If they didn’t, i.e Apple didn’t go after everyone big, small and very small; they would be severely weakening there argument against Amazon and Google. You could easily see a Google or Amazon lawyer argue that Apple isn’t serious about the trademark but rather simply gaining a competitive edge.
    It’s sad but Amahi (the mouse) has just gotten caught up with the elephants dancing and needs to watch where their stepping.

  16. Brendan Murphy Jun 21

    Store of Apps
    App Mountain
    App Collection
    App Mart
    App Home
    Amahi Apps (AA, I know either an airline or a drunk)

  17. Bill Marlow Jun 21

    How about Amappi?

  18. Chris Deugarde Jun 21

    How about App Market?

  19. Greg Norris Jun 21

    eppla (or is that TOO obvious)

    or play their game back really bad . . .

    iApp Store

    (surely they can’t own the i, even if they think they can name everything with it . . .)

  20. Darryl MacArthur Jun 21

    I say go with App-Mart…why settle for one cease and desist order when you can have two!

  21. Gabi Huiber Jun 21

    I love Mach1’s suggestion, “appl store”. It would stick it to Apple and their herd of lawyers very nicely. Cease and desist, indeed. Bullies.

  22. Nick H Jun 21

    -Program Portal-

    Back in the day thats what we called them. PROGRAMS

  23. Razinhail Jun 21

    Name it the “Round Fruit with a bite out if it Store” (that’s the closest I could think of for a synonym to Apple) OR call it the “Cease and Desist” Store.

    You could also name it “Your Text Goes Here”
    or “Copyright Infringement Not Intended”
    or “The ‘Name Removed’ Store”
    or “Eye Store” (a play on how Apple puts an “i” in front of everything)

  24. Jan Salava Jun 21

    I vote for “App Gallery” or “Amahi Apps”

  25. Andres Jun 21

    Here are a few ideas:

    Application Station
    App Warehouse
    App Bazaar
    App Emporium
    The Store-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named
    The Commercial Entity Formerly Known as the Amahi App Store
    The Totally-Awesome, Brave Little Store that Frightened A Fruit Company

  26. Tommy Nielsen Jun 21

    How about App Vault

  27. Kendall Jun 21

    How about “Mahi Apps” or “Amahi Apps”?

  28. Razinhail Jun 21

    @Andres – I like the last one. “The Totally Awesome, Brave Little Store that Frightened a Fruit Company” LOL! That one gets my vote!

  29. KeithUT Jun 21

    I would say… call it the Application Store – thus making it just a tad harder for Apple to use an abbreviation app for application as a trademark. Stillest thing I have heard in awhile … trade marking an 30+ year abbreviation for application. Funny… Apple needs to watch their own 1984 commercial.

  30. Vikcon Jun 21

    as Apple is currently using the specific word, you better, have some other name like applstore or apps-store as suggested by someone in above comments.
    I will suggest appsbazaar. You guys much more better things to do instead getting involved in legal battle, which will eat up your time & resources.

    You guys are doing it great, please go ahead and keep it up with superb offerings.

  31. FrankvDoore Jun 21

    How about the “NAPPS Store” for (Not Apple) or “AmApps Store” for Amahi Applications Store.

    I blame google… how else did they find ALL the uses of the word APPS.

  32. walkur1 Jun 21

    Apples to oranges… “Orange Store”?
    Apps Deny Apple Monopoly = “ADAM Store” or “ADAM’s Apple Store”

    “App Garage”

    If not, +1 for “Amappi” and “Amahi App Gallery”.

  33. bo Jun 21

    call it the crapple store

  34. Knightlie Jun 21

    Apple did coin the term “Application” to describe a piece of software a long time ago (everyone else was using the term “program” until “App” became popular), so they do have a kind of claim to the term. I think at this point it’s a little late to try and enforce it now that every man and his dog are using the term in one form or another.

    Why not just call it the Amahi Store? It may well develop into something more than just an app[lication] store in the future…

  35. Aaron Jun 21

    +1 for Amahi store

  36. Tom Jun 21

    I too suggest Application Store.
    Just a few letters more to avoid this stupid mess.


  37. Sandriell Jun 21

    Crabapple Store

  38. George Jun 22

    This is a cease and desist order for any grocers out there. I am defending my application for trademark on ‘Grocery Store’. Please do your shopping elsewhere.

    p.s. we do not sell apples

  39. Johnny Jun 22

    I just have to say, that this is effing HILARIOUS!!! As much respect as I have for Apple, they do tend to get a little too caught up with legal issues sometimes… LMAO!!!

    As for a name suggestion… hhmmmm… how about the “Appmahi Store”? :-)

  40. Jopie Jun 22

    Go for Kiwi-store and make money, selling a diet with it. The famous kiwi diet where you may eat anything except kiwi.

  41. Dan Tripp Jun 22

    “AppBay” would probably be a bad idea. Maybe “Appazon?” “Crapstore?”

  42. Lisgond Jun 22

    So they are comparing apples with pears.
    Hmm What about naming it pear sore then, or a bit more techical bulb store. I mean you are spreading the light her don´r you ;-)))

  43. Jakob Eriksson Jun 22

    Call it “Bazaar” or “App Fair”.

  44. lemmo Jun 22


  45. steph Jun 22

    “app market”
    “amahi market”
    “amahi store”

  46. Todd Cumpston Jun 22

    App Place
    App Shack
    App Depot

  47. David Phillips Jun 22

    How about “apps tore”?

  48. Richard Jun 22

    We should use “Amahi Marketplace”. Apple needs to shove it and get off their high horse. When i think of “App Store” apple surely does not come to mind. They are like the government trying to gain control over something that is not theirs to have or control.

  49. simonp Jun 22

    ya boo hiss Crapple :)

    well my tuppence worth


    or what it is “Application Place”

  50. Andy Jun 22

    Amahi Apps

    App Locker


    App World

    I like amahi apps. Simple and to the point

  51. Ted Trujillo Jun 22

    Well I like

    AmahiApps, I mean back up a little but not a whole step.

    BTW I would like to take this time to thank Amahi for a great product.

    I really don’t remember when I installed it (I know I could check) but it seems a long while ago and boy Amahi just works. Thank you very much for a really great product.

  52. Leon Jun 22

    let’s be descriptive…GetJobsDone

  53. James Jun 22

    Why don’t you contact Microsoft and ask them to be included in their court case for use of the term App Store?

  54. Eric Jun 22

    How about:

    Not Apple’s App Store?

    But on the serious side, I like

    App Bazzar
    Amahi Store
    App Galery

  55. Randall Jun 22

    it seems the fruit company has issue with the “app” part of the term. I like the idea of the Amahi Program Store. I shortened it to the Ampro Store. There are some great suggestions here. Good luck and “stick it to the man”!

  56. Matt Jun 22

    Amahi ain’t an app store (AAP store)

  57. Nolan Hester Jun 22

    How about the Repository of Awesome? lol

  58. Ben Jun 22

    What would be cool is a trending term for Amahi apps. Play on Amahi, like AmApps?

  59. Marek Jun 22

    App Corner
    Application Den

  60. PLD linux Jun 22

    What about “The Store With No Name”? 😉 (Thanks, U2!)

  61. Votre Jun 22

    I’d like to suggest Amahi Outfitters. “For all your adventure and exploration needs.”

    Hmm…Why is it I suddenly have this fervid hope that somebody else’s tablet PC completely destroys Apple’s hopes for the iPad? 😉

    Good luck, guys!

  62. rico Jun 22

    “Amahi apples grinder”
    Anyone wants some juice? 😉

  63. Terry Jun 22


  64. Terry Jun 22


  65. Terry Jun 22

    Can’t Amahi just file a notice with the courts that there are already cases pending that the outcome may serve as precedence and request the case be deferred to a later date? And in that request site the Apple vs Google and the Apple vs Amazon cases and also point out the financial burden on a small startup like Amahi?

  66. Amy Jun 22

    Applecations or
    “[Pending Court Decision] Store”

  67. James Jun 22

    It’s so hard to fight the Big guys….

    How about “App Depot” or “Amahi Store”

    Best regards,

  68. Nick Jones Jun 22

    One of the reasons I am totally against Apple. People always give it to me because I never use Apple products. Something like this is what kills me about the company. They go after a great Open Source product that they know probably can’t defend themselves.

  69. Jim Jun 22

    Pimp my Amahi


  70. Llamedos Jun 22

    I think Applets store would be quite suitable, as its a simple play on Apple & twats…

  71. Llamedos Jun 22

    If anyones intrigued, my name is Sod em All backwards…..

  72. stand Jun 22

    Banana Store or Cool Market

  73. The Other Fruit Jun 22

    How about “Blow Jobs”?

  74. John Jun 22

    Apple and Jobs are a$$holes.

    The term “app” was popular before the iPhone by at least a decade….and I would think “store” predates Apple by a century…

    Just because they happened to put the two together doesn’t give them the right to bugger everyone else….

  75. Craig Jun 22

    I’ve been playing with Linux since the 386 days but recently purchased a Macbook Pro and just this week a Mac Mini server. I’m going to find some email addresses at Apple and send them a snot”o”gram or two telling them to leave the open source people alone. This kind of thing makes me mad. Where did a lot of the Mac OS come from ? Open source !!! Steve, you and you gang are just being pricks.

  76. John Jun 22

    How about Appl. Store?

    Appl. for applications of course

  77. Brian D. Frost Jun 22

    They are protecting their trademark which is sad but that is how things work in the US. Maybe you can license the name for $1 per year from them. Or just go with the Appl Store — with a silent ‘l’…

  78. Sohail Mirza Jun 22

    My vote goes to “Appl Store”.

  79. Shnatsel Jun 22

    Guys, apple actually served you a great favor 😀
    And it will spread much wider. You’ve got ads no money can buy, for free!

  80. ShockHazard Jun 22

    Amahi (or application) Arsenal “Unleash Amahi’s firepower with these applications”

    Software Garage “Park these applications on your Amahi system ”

    The place formally known as the A_p S_ _ re “Known to make giants like Apple cringe in fear” lol

  81. Anon Jun 22

    Change it to “Ap Store” – problem solved!

    “Agora” could be another possibility.

  82. Ignacio Garcia Jun 22

    3 suggestions for the name:

    1.- The Amahi Cellar
    2.- Bodega (Cellar in Spanish)
    3.- Mart (or M.A.R.T. – Main Amahi Repository Trade)

  83. nord Jun 22

    Apps Store is great!
    Go amahi, I love you, and the Open Source spirit!
    Keep up the good work

    Apple are a bunch of evil corporate pigs, I hope they suffer for this! Appholes!

    Im so glad I have never ever bougth anything from apple, and I never ever will.

  84. Michael Tappana Jun 22

    App Hole.

    In memory of the appholes that hassled you about a common phrase.

  85. Richard Arkless Jun 22

    Yes apple send this cease and desist letter and while were at it the guy who created the unofficial wifi sync for jailbroken idevices should do the same for using the same name and almost the same icon no matter how generic it is

  86. Fieldhouse Jun 22

    just add dots… it’s an acronym – Amahi Application (Portal / Place/Port/ect). a.p.p. store

  87. Jonquil Jun 22

    App Spot
    App Market
    App Place
    App World
    App Planet
    App Pay n Play (had to add something funny in there!)
    App House
    App Mall
    Amahi Apps
    Buy Apps
    Use Apps
    Application Store (just go ahead and spell it out! :P)
    My App World
    My App Place
    App-mahi Store

    That’s all I can come up with for now…

  88. ballz Jun 22

    drop the “store” tab name = APPS

  89. Martin Paulsen Jun 22

    I’m liking App Gallery, but really, any combination of app, addin, addon, application, program, store, mart, gallery etc. works. It just needs to say “Yo, this is a store and there be apps in here”.

  90. Ted Jun 22

    The app stop?

  91. Thrash Jun 22

    How about “App-R-At-Us” – a deviation of “Apparatus”, kind of like “Toys ‘R’ Us”

  92. Richard Jun 22


  93. martijn dekker Jun 22

    call it apps corner or apps stoor

  94. benogil Jun 22

    Extension Dimension

  95. cpg Jun 22

    HAHAHA! You guys are a riot! :-)

    Quick update:

    Nokia is apparently also challenging the mark in Europe.

    We’re up to 825 suggestions in the name the contest site … and climbing!

    We have started formally complying, by cycling the name at the top of the second tab in the main site, with the top suggestions.

    We also have this post in two languages so far, Spanish and Romanian. If you want to contribute translations to submit to other sites in your language, please make the translation (short overview is OK) and email support (at amahi dot org).

  96. B-Amahai-Rocks Jun 22

    Oh “Appl Store” is PERFECT!

    All the other app stores should start calling themselves “Appl Stores”!

    I think that makes at least 3 votes for this one.

  97. Chris Jun 22

    How about “Core Dump”

    I know it has other IT meanings but at least the first word will remind everyone in the future of how the name was chosen.

  98. A.Alaalas Jun 22

    App-App Mahi-Mahi store.

  99. ixu Jun 22

    app depot

  100. Bud Jun 22

    @@@ $T043
    A-P S—E

  101. Ian Jun 22

    How about ‘The Orchard’ or ‘App Orchard’?

  102. jrep Jun 22

    Ap-Mahi Mall, a slightly more poetic variant

  103. Philip Cooper Jun 22

    I am an international trade mark attorney in the UK and would be happy to help Amahi on a pro bono basis free of any professional charges.

  104. Jer Jun 22

    I think the C&D is dumb, but way to go amahi for putting a postive spin on it with a contest!! Way to be the bigger organization!! :)

  105. Kiirani Jun 22

    The “Amahi Programs with Purposes” store?

  106. sond Jun 22

    Amahi Apps


    Blow Jobs!

  107. Chris Jun 22

    I propose just, The Store

  108. OJ Jun 22


    Yes, it’s true that Linux has its own group to defend their trademark, but as you have mentioned, it is easier for Linux because the name is made-up and definitive, unlike a generic “app store”.

    If you say “Linux”, then people will definitely know what operating system and kernel that you’re talking about. Saying “app store”, well, is where you can buy applications from.

    If I were to make an “app store” for my site, or any project, then I’m gonna name it as “App Store” in protest. In the same way, nobody called dibs on “supermarket” or “grocery” anyway, right?

  109. dark Jun 22

    Apple can fuck off, they need to quit with their mightier than thou bullshit and learn that App is a generic form of Application and App Store is NOT THEIRS; they copyright the stupidest shit and are allowed to. I hate Apple, they are the worst company in the world!

  110. MrMenity Jun 23

    What about core-store (as in apple core :-) )

  111. Greg McQueen Jun 23

    Karl’s comments is exactly right: “It sounds like Apple hitting on a small company to get a court decision and then being able to go after the big ones with this decision.”

    I say turn this around. Use Apple’s idiotic behavior to spread the word about Amahi.

    Everyone with an “App Store” should name it an, “Ape Store,” to highlight the fact they are now dealing with heavy-handed corporate guerrillas, pure and simple.

  112. Sergio Jun 23

    Dear Carlos,
    what do you think about call it “aStore”: “a” like amahi or application!

    Also, thank you for your work!


  113. Robert Jun 23

    Screw Apple – Name it the aAppStore – the extra A can stand for Amahi and if you trademark it, Apple will never be able to copy it…
    Seems funny that Apple are currently being sued for blatantly using the name iCloud which belongs to iCloud Communications. Bastards

  114. G Jun 23

    Call it whatever, but *as soon as* Apple lose the case (looks to me like Amazon’s lawyers have done a pretty solid job), change it right back.

  115. MeMyselfAndI Jun 23

    Just call it the Application Store – but format it something like this (replacing angle brackets with parentheses here):

    (span style=”font-size:1000%”)App(span style=”font-size:1%;text-align:middle”)lication (/span)Store(/span)

    It still says Application Store, we swear!

  116. Ralph Jun 23

    Call it “Fruit Basket”.

  117. Brent Ashley Jun 23

    I suggest you call it

    “applet store”

    and you must insist loudly and often that people stop making the mistake of pronouncing it

    “apple-tee store”

  118. Brent Ashley Jun 23

    applet also makes some sense because you are leasing a license, not buying a product.

  119. Mr Moon Jun 23

    Amahi Store has a good ring to it. You could also go for “Apps Store”, which, while spelled differently, is pronounced the same as “App Store” 😉

  120. iLaugh Jun 23


  121. Rather Not Say Jun 23

    App-U Store?!

  122. Cale C Jun 23

    The current replacement name listed on the website sounds fine- the Amahi Marketplace (provided Google doesn’t mind). Amahi Store sounds fine too, but if you want to sell T-shirts later on or something you might want to reserve that for later. 😉

  123. Jose_X Jun 23

    More suggestions can also be found here

    Appllery: (app gallery .. and maybe as well apple gallery)
    Applery: (where the theme/motif more clearly is apples)

    Maybe use the first and then mock Apple if they ever adopt the second.

    App Core: (Apple will love this one as will anyone seriously into apps)

    1984 Red Face: (besides the multiple Apple mocks, it might even hint at facebook like features).

    Fruit That Is Doomed: (fruit of a loom semblance but related to apple as forbidden fruit and doomed company.. mostly for fun, perhaps as parody)

  124. iLaugh Jun 23


  125. Jose_X Jun 23

    Robert >> Name it the aAppStore – the extra A can stand for Amahi and if you trademark it

    AnAppStore: not only do you clarify that it is merely an app store, but the “n” can be recreated as an image that suggests either “m” or “h” or both (as well as “n”) since these two letters are in Amahi.

  126. Jose_X Jun 23

    Thrash >> How about “App-R-At-Us” – a deviation of “Apparatus”, kind of like “Toys ‘R’ Us”

    Also, inspired by “Apple is after (attacking) us”.

  127. BongoBern Jun 23

    AppCache, App Box, Appery, Appplace, ‘Cation Place, Appster, AppApps

    As you can see, I’m not great at this…

  128. iLaugh Jun 23

    Cloud Apps

  129. Robbie Jun 23

    Just call it “App. Store” indicating it’s an abbreviation of Application Store

  130. Jose_X Jun 23

    Cyanide Remover

    This can be an alternate name for Amahi Invaders, a different game, or a feature or tool that de “app”s somehow.

    There is no reason to quiet down about this bullying by Apple. Apple has given lots of groups an excuse to reference Apple and Apple’s misconduct. A whole genre of apps can be created to help deal with this threat posed by Apple and their highly proprietary environment.

  131. Jose_X Jun 23

    AiStore: (A_mah_i Store but captures the crapply “i” and references AI; see also Artificial iNihilation below)

    etc (eg, leveraging all ideas on this webpage)

    Hot Cyanide: (just a hot name inspired by the fight against Apple)

    Artificial iNihilation: (annihilation (and even Amahination) of crapply “i” words; this can be one meaning of “Ai” in front of product names)

    Amahination: (from Apple-pressured imagination)

    OpenPit: (where we gather online to create this stuff)

    These could also be catchy names of products, characters, algorithms, games, story titles, etc.

  132. Jose_X Jun 23

    Robbie >> Just call it “App. Store”

    and then build out a theme where the adjective/noun ordering is reversed or at least modified.

    And make .app refer to a protocol or format to accomplish something related to the store and/or Amahi products.

  133. Adriano Maia Jun 23

    OK, has officially gone bonkers.

    I mean, why/how on EARTH would ANYONE mistake Amahi’s software store (whose URL, website and name have NOTHING to do with ‘s digital software market? Also, isn’t ‘s digital software market accessed primarily through a media aggregator software?

    I tell you, I’m happy my native language is not English, it would be hard for me to avoid using any word that might claim as copyrighted, which I intend to do from now on to the best of my abilities…

    Seriously, I can understand needs to try and enforce its alleged patent, but I sure do hope they have filled letters and suits on EVERY SINGLE sub-100000 user company that used the now-unspeakable term to describe a digital software market, or else let the judge throw the case out ASAP.

    Sheesh, every passing day I find more reasons NOT to be an client… I refuse to use their movie player altogether, and usually even avoid that specific file extension.

    By the way, I subscribed just for this. I don’t even have an Amahi server (yet), but I just had to help out on the renaming contest.

    Take care, everyone, and best of luck for Amahi.

  134. Adriano Maia Jun 23

    Hehehe, interesting post I just uploaded.

    When you see something doesn’t make sense, just add “name removed for potential copyright infringement”. I had it written down inside tags, but it was probably parsed as code, so it didn’t appear. Apparently, it worked even better than I hoped! 😛

    Again, good luck everyone.

  135. Jose_X Jun 23

    Early round goes against Apple in suit with Amazon

    >> Apple Inc. will “probably” lose its court bid to stop Inc. from using the term “Appstore” for a service selling programs for Android devices, a federal judge said.

  136. Jose_X Jun 23

    A little googling suggests that “app” goes back to 1987 and “killer app” goes back to 1988.

    From Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary 11th edition copyright 2003
    By Merriam-Webster, Inc:

    “killer app n (1988): a computer application of such great value or popularity that it assures the success of the technology with which it is associated”

    On page 17a it explains that the date in parenthesis refers to the oldest date of usage in the English language as far as [m-w] could determine.

    So “killer app” goes back to 1988, and this almost implies “app”, as a natural abbreviation of “application”, goes back further. Specifically, to 1987:

    “app n (1987): APPLICATION”

    See the comments here for more examples of print articles that use these terms in the early and middle 90s.

  137. cram Jun 23

    Go with Appa (it’s a Tamil word for father). Meaning you don’t store apps, but the father of apps — Appas!

  138. RyuKaze Jun 23

    How about iAppz or Appz/Apps /Eye Apps/ or App-Store/Appe Store/Aplle Store or BINA Store (Because It’s Not Apple)

  139. Lestat d’Lioncourt Jun 24

    What if everyone with an website makes a “App Store” or renames it something similar. Wonder if Steve has the guts to take actions to 10.000.000 “App Store” holders.

  140. Scott Grayban Jun 24

    Apple sucks — they are rude and send threatening letters only to small OSS projects because they know they can scare them with just a letter.

    They won’t try it on people like Amazon who also opened there own “app store” because Amazon would drain Apple dry.

    The Apple lawyers are scum sucking bottom feeders, they did the same thing to our OSS project called iPodder, see and my own blog post about it ->

    It really burns my arse when I see the Apple dogs attacking another OSS project.

  141. Elliot Jun 24

    What about “AmApps” (Amahi Apps) or “Appie Store” (Apple pie Store) ??

  142. Elliot Jun 24

    Ups! Appie is in use.

  143. mike Jun 24

    The Apple tatic of preventing other organisations haveing any facilities that even remotely sound like theirs continues……..

    They cannot stop competors or other vendors opperateing, after all its a free market and if Amahi want to sell applications (and call them apps) you are perfectly entitled to do so and promote and market said apps as you wish.

    I would suggest you use someting like “Amahi A.P.Store”

    A(applications)and .P(products)Store as a finger to apple…

  144. Greg Jun 24

    The answer is quite simple,

    Call it the BHT Store. (Butt-Head Technologist)

    [If you don’t know the Carl Sagan v. Apple story, take the time to look it up.]

  145. NAS Storage Server Jun 25

    I’d go with Amahi Apps (easy to say, and both start with an A)

  146. john Jun 25

    Apple and Steve appi store sux , this is the right name!

  147. Gary Jun 26

    Apple can’t lay claim to the letter ‘i’ and they didn’t invent the term ‘app’, or ‘store’. English is our language if they want to trademark words and letters let them make up their own language, Applish perhaps!

    Kudos to Jose_X Jun 23 for his research.

  148. Stephan Jun 26

    My suggestion would be “Add Store”!

    I hate Apple anyway and actions like the letter you received don’t make my opinion about that company any better.

    Good move not to fight Apple in this case, the people involved in Amahi can make better use of their spare time.

  149. Stephen Miller Jun 26

    I’m surprised no-one bothered to do a google searchwith a custom date range of before 2008 (I went with 1/1/2006), here are the results,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=747aa0a1290d969e&biw=1680&bih=955

    Ofparticular interest is

    from 2006 in page one of the Google results

  150. Stephen Miller Jun 26

    Another example of App Store being used as a generic term in 2001

  151. Stephen Miller Jun 26

    My aplogies, the date of the generic use of the term app store is actually dated 05-01-2003, 10:28 AM which is still well before Apple laid claim to it

  152. Morghan Jun 26

    Don’t change it, get the EFF to help you fight them and tell those pretentious pricks exactly where they can put their C&D.

    I’d suggest firmly in their Apple as the best location.

  153. Angus S-F Jun 27

    +1 to Ted Trujillo — I like “AmahiApps” as one word. Change “Store” to “Shop” or “Cart”. Or maybe “AppCart” or “AppShop”.

  154. Koffie Jun 28

    I herewith deposit my trademark for the ancient greek word “proggie(s)” LOL

    Proggie Store
    Proggie Market
    Amahi Proggies
    Proggies (Free’n’Pay)
    Proggie Place

    One more for the road:


  155. Brandon Jun 28

    The Marketplace, or The Green Fruit-worm marketplace… if you go with the fruit-worm one the catch phrase could be “We took the bite out of theApple”

  156. Dizzy1 Jun 28

    App Alley

  157. LinuxUser Jun 28

    I vote for the ‘Apple Sucks’ store!

  158. Roger Jun 28

    Totally crazy!
    “computer shop” is any generic computer shop
    whereas “The Computer Shop” may well be a commercial device or trademark simply by adding “The” and Capitalising First Letters.
    But all this would almost cartainly be in vain if the trading style was not originally registered as a device or trademark to which intellectual property rights might apply.
    Apart from slamming the stable door after the horse has bolted, Apples’ action may well gain little sympathy from judges in these days of enforced austerity.
    Did they originally attempt to register the name as a trade device to show that they intended to use it as such?

    How about “APP ORCHARD” or simply “ORCHARD”?

    Sheep & Lambs.

    As usual, the Big Boys bullying the little guys, and for what?

    Projects like yours are hugely time-consuming and of immense value worldwide and are often seen as solutions where no others are affordable such as in poor economic countries and communities.

    Perhaps Apple are just scared of the competition from your vast corporate presence?

    Perhaps their bid to be the master race (small ‘t’, small ‘m’ and small ‘r’ for safety) makes it imperative that they take the whole world on from their ‘bunker’? (Didn’t someone already try that?)

    Try not to become a legal precedent and see if some corporate lawyer wants to make a name for himself defending the little guy on a pro bono basis. It is highly likely that he will win and it has to be a real cool thing to have publicly ‘whipped Apple’s huge corporate butt’

    Thank you for your project efforts and cool response to this corporate bullying.

    Good Luck!


  159. Roger Jun 28

    And as an afterthought:
    “APP HELL”

  160. Roger Jun 28

    Don’t be
    to set aside (if possible) within time constraints (don’t time-out)
    pending inter-parties
    at an
    at a mutually agreeable
    hearing before an
    (Sorry, it is late!)

  161. sreeram_ravi Jun 29

    How about “Amahi OSA” “Amahi Open Source Apps”

  162. JALU Jun 30

    Macoun(an apple variety)Market, or simply AppleMarket.

  163. Fredco Jul 1

    App Keg or AppKeg – as in beer container – large

    AppCan or App Can – as in beer container – small

  164. korpenkraxar Jul 1

    App Trap!

  165. GambitDeclined Jul 1

    I know this is being beat to death, but I believe Apple is claiming that their use of “app store” means “Apple Store.” Anyway, I like:

    Amahi Apps

  166. bastage Jul 4

    I like “store4apps”

  167. abhik Jul 4

    You can call the store “Apple Cart”. This gives a simple easy to use feel and put’s you in the same league as other large “fruit” sellers…


  168. Cameron Jul 4

    APP-le Mart

  169. Eric Jul 6

  170. gedfr Jul 7

    just looking this
    is in french but good news for the apps name

  171. cpg Jul 7

    The saga continues! Apple’s request for preliminary injunction against Amazon’s Appstore denied!

  172. null Jul 15

    Ihama Store
    Ware Store/Wall
    Conveince Store/Mart
    Ware Shop

  173. Tayeb Jul 23

    so why apple use iOs?
    iOs is cisco related.
    try using appgal application galery for the store name.

  174. etrnldrk Jul 25

    Progs and Apps.

  175. Damien Jul 25

    I remember buying apps from the Nokia App Store before an iPhone hit the market… its a shame Nokia didn’t sue the pants off Apple, they might have been able to produce a competitive smart phone.

  176. reezin14 Jul 25

    How about Leppa,leppA Corner/Sector/Store/Portal/Software/Programs — Apple spelled backwards…

  177. etrnldrk Jul 27


    elppA is Apple spelled backwards.

  178. glennsserver Aug 4

    ” Whack Jobs ” seems like the most appropriate re-naming to me !?.

  179. Dimitri Aug 7

    How about “Ap Store”?

  180. Dimitri Aug 7

    or “Stick it up your App Store”

  181. Elias Aug 9

    Wow, FSCK APPLE!

  182. juju Aug 17

    App Surd

  183. Ed Aug 19

    The term “App” goes WAY back well before the first internet store. They hit the little guys to create a president for their attack on the heavyweights. (In kindergarten, we referred to people like that as “bullies”)

    Not a lawyer but I would respond that you do not recognize their claim to copyright on common use words and phrases; however; you will change the name for the time being as you do not have the financial resources to contest it.

  184. Rotten Sep 2

    Call it the “Cloudapps” and if you still like store : “Cloudapps Store”

  185. Dave Sep 2

    Oh man… I love my apple computer… ( i never loved any of my compputers running windows os )

    BUT WHY OH WHY must they(apple) be such dorks about stuff…

    Please apple don’t become another microsoft.
    at least any Linux distro is great… maybe I should get rid of my mac, just because apple is so evil

    such a nice working computer tho

  186. A J Sep 5

    I think “Amahi Apps”, or “Amahi Apps Shop” if you need to make it clear it’s a place to buy apps, is best. Short and to the point, and no one else should be able to argue you don’t have the right to the name in its entirety or any part. Let the “big boys” spend the resources to fight this. You’ve got better things to do.

  187. Dogphlap Sep 19

    The “bitter out cider.”
    The “don’t sue me bro repository”

  188. Dogphlap Sep 19

    The “don’t be Apple”

  189. rafkid Sep 25

    How about “Amahi_Applications_Software_Store” or AASS for short – the best above would be “Appl Store” – very funny, where Appl is short for Application of course :)

    They have to defend their trademark if they have been granted one, but it does suck when they go after something so small compared to them. I hope you frame the letter Carlos and put it into your downstairs loo on the back of the door :)

    Thanks for sharing though, you didn’t have to and we would all have missed this opportunity to watch big business attempt to push the little guy around in real time.

    I know I am three months late btw :)

  190. JYuna Sep 28

    Well someone needs to tell Apple to grow up or face a government lawsuit to cease and desist as they too have app stores for the service software & apps.

    If this is the best that Apple Business Development can do, the rest of the Apple Team needs to fire them on-the-spot so as not to ruin their professional and technical reputation.

    We need less MBAs and PMs, and more engineers…business types like lawyers are pure minuses on any spreadsheet.

  191. Brian Lacy Oct 5

    I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me it’s in Apple’s interest to pursue Amahi precisely because you’re a small operation. They probably figure you don’t have much of a legal budget to hire the high-power attorneys Microsoft and Amazon will surely get, so it’ll be an “easy” win. Then, they’ve got a “win” under their belt — the court’s decision basically lends merit to their case against the heavy weights.

    In other words, picking on the little guy makes look stronger than they are.

  192. Hjf288 Oct 5

    Ye Olde Appe Store

  193. TDJ Oct 11

    “The Store Formally Known As The App Store”
    “Amahi Shop”
    “Amahi Stuff Store”
    “Amahi Stuff”
    “Amahi’s Better App Store”
    “Amahi Bits”

  194. Sara Oct 16

    That has got to be the *most* ridiculous thing I’ve EVER heard in my life. Seriously?

    Especially considering Steve Jobs was NOTORIOUS for taking ideas from other people and expanding on them.

    When I read “app store” I think *application.* How can they trademark that? It is a generally used word. I would have never thought it meant “Apple.”

    What a pain! I’m sorry, you had to deal with this. :(

  195. Avega Oct 16

    What about the “App Spot” “App Stop” “App Stream” as possible substitutes?

  196. dez Nov 9

    what about either “the amahi appstore” or “amahi appcenter”
    ? would sound professional i think.

  197. omuench Nov 16

    why not “prog store”?

  198. mutuelle Nov 29

    I like the idea of the Amahi Program Store. Awesome job guys. Hats off to you. Keep it up.

  199. AmahiNoob Dec 19

    I think the app store name should be changed to:

    “App Ole Store” or just simply “AppHole”

  200. emcom Dec 21

    ….I wish someone would creat a worm to destroy all apples……u guys r trons keep up the good work.

  201. Al Dec 28


  202. Mark Jan 2

    How about Apps.Torvalds

  203. Christopher Sturgeon Jan 5

    App junction kinda has a ring to it…

  204. joe b Jan 14

    I am a little late in the name game but how about “the prog store”, or perhaps the “prog cabinet”, “prog shelf”, or “prog closet”.

  205. dave Feb 23

    what about Mi-apps

  206. dave Feb 23

    or howzabout Am-App

  207. some guy Mar 11

    ap store

  208. Ben page Mar 25

    You guys are right. There’s no way u can win that battle. So my suggestion is ” App Mall”. Best regards from NYC

  209. Christopher Mar 27

    Old thread, but what about the “APPle Cart”?

  210. Marc S. Apr 21

    “Amahi plugins” or just “plugins”

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