It’s Independence Day for Amahi; Ubuntu Edition now live!



We’re happy to announce the general release of Amahi 6.1, Ubuntu Edition! With a great team effort, this has become a reality! Get started!

This is Amahi’s first release of the Ubuntu edition, so we expected occasional turbulence. Meanwhile, we are hard at work creating a
graphical installer to make this installation of Amahi Ubuntu Edition easier.

The team has always been of the opinion that the expansion to new Linux distributions is great. Now Amahi runs on two of the most popular Linux distributions! We expect to continue supporting at least both distributions going forward.

One person that cares deeply is all it takes to make things happen in the open source world! In this case, a few developers contributed to make Amahi more amenable to running on Ubuntu. Many underestimated the complexity of the undertaking. Eventually, Frans (a.k.a. eFfeM, our team lead for Ubuntu) persisted long enough to align everything and everyone’s skills and push through in this true team effort!

Here are some of the features in Amahi 6.1, Ubuntu Edition (but not limited to):

  • Latest storage pooling technology with the latest Greyhole 0.9
  • Reliability fixes and updates, including a new, professionally designed, polished look (see at the end of this post)
  • Support for both the 32 & 64 bit Desktop and Server versions of Ubuntu
  • Improved cloud storage with Amahi Sync
  • Some support for ARM systems, like the PandaBoard and BeagleBoard (these are not well tested, so, expect rough seas)
  • One-Click App installs via Amahi’s application store

For more details, release notes and known issues, check the Ubuntu wiki page. Experiment with Amahi Ubuntu Edition! If you break it, report it! The more bugs reported the smoother the eventual ride!

We are excited to have some support for ARM based systems! We’re revisiting the ARM architecture as it becomes more pervasive in our lives as cell phones, multimedia set top boxes and other automation conveniences. The ARM(v7) packages are available via Amahi’s Ubuntu repo. We strongly suggest a powerful ARM processor (such as omap4) and an external hard disk; SD booting is possible but sloow. Thanks also goes to open source startups and projects who are making ARM  programming easily accessible to the younger generation.

Again, many thanks to the Ubuntu team, the Applications team, the Greyhole team, the testers, you who reported bugs and suggested improvements!

Happy installing and we hope you enjoy and share it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter!

The Amahi Team

PS: check out a (reduced) screenshot of the new Amahi look!


  1. Shaun Jul 3

    Really glad this is released. Beta of it has been great, now to finish my Debian KVM server and work on this 🙂

  2. David Jul 3

    Just installed this minutes ago. Now to get configuring the apps!

  3. derMerl Jul 3

    guys! THANK YOU! Amahi Ubuntu release is awesome and i love the new skin! 😀 it also works like a charm with tvheadend as TV backend.

    great work!

  4. paulo Jul 3

    looks great i will teste it.
    i have been testing and enjouying for some time linux mint debian edition
    do you ever consider having amahi for it?
    any one has installed it?

  5. Jon Konrad Jul 7

    I love Ubuntu and use it on the desktop. I’ve been running Amahi now on Fedora for a while. What platform specific strengths do each OS offer? Should I consider changing to Ubuntu for my server? Thanks for all the work.

  6. cpg Jul 8

    @Jon Konrad: It’s just a change in the “engine” under the hood for Amahi. There are not a lot of differences at the moment. We will try to support both because some people like to know a bit what engine is purring under the hood! If anything, the Ubuntu version is a little more on the edge, being more recent, but also probably a little less stable.

    At the moment there is no huge list of reasons to switch. For the next version, Amahi 7, we expect a substantial number of new features.

  7. dogzrule Jul 28

    Actually – according to the install page, the Unbuntu version is required for new installs, as the the install page says it is the only supported version. Clarification?

  8. Ryan Aug 21

    This is great, using it now!

  9. Ian Sep 3

    Thank you, as a lifelong Windows freak,(I know), I am so happy with the Ubuntu version of Amahi which has brought out of retirement an old PC.
    Installation on a clean Ubuntu install was easy.
    Getting VPN to work was more of a challenge although the software worked well.
    Perhaps a bit more guidance on getting the VPN to open on the client side would be useful
    I know its as easy as \\hda in windows explorer but I tried //hda 20 times.
    The irc help was fantastic. All I can say is that if Windows had the support that Linux/Ubuntu and Amahi have – oh well sighs.
    Keep up the good work.

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