Your desktop? On your tablet? Meet Splashtop!

Among Amahi users, there are those who like the desktop and those who prefer headless systems. Which one are you?

Splashtop clientToday we add another useful tool to the admin and remote access toolbox of Amahi’s store. We are happy to introduce the highly acclaimed Splashtop app! You may have heard of Splashtop before, it’s a hugely popular app for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Kindle and more.

Splashtop for Amahi is a “streamer” that runs on the server’s desktop and¬†redirects audio and video to your tablet or other client device when connected to it. You can access it from inside your network or from the Web anywhere in the world.

The best part? The¬†Anywhere Access feature makes it automatic — no need to mess with VPN or do port forwarding!

Your Amahi World at your fingertips!

Oh, and you can also install Splashtop on your other PCs or your Macs and stream from them directly also!



Splashtop can stream any videos or games from your desktop to your handheld devices. It’s the highest-performance solution available today. Splashtop delivers up to 15x higher frame rates and up to 10x less latency than any other desktop solution.

And it’s very secure. Sessions are secured with SSL and 256-bit AES encryption, allowing it to serve as a secure pipe between devices, in some cases allowing users to eliminate their need for separate VPN solutions.

If you didn’t opt for a desktop environment when you installed your Ubuntu-based Amahi HDA, this may be a reason to do so now! Splashtop is available for Ubuntu-based Amahi servers only. Splashtop is a great app to connect to it from anywhere. Go get Splashtop for Amahi!

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