The Amahi Experience: it just got better with Amahi 8

Disk-wizard-plugin-logoWelcome to Amahi 8!

We would like to take a moment to share with you the release of Amahi 8!

Much hard work has gone into this fantastic release. We think you are going to love the wonderful new features of Amahi 8, even though most of the work that went on it is not visible in plain sight.


“Can I upgrade my current Amahi server?” We get that a lot and we’ve heard you, and we did our best to make it as easy as possible to upgrade from Amahi 7 to Amahi 8! We hope to make Amahi 8 upgradeable to future releases as well so that there is less need to reinstall!

New-disk Wizard

Amahi 8 includes a new Disk Wizard  app that makes it much easier to expand your storage with additional drives.  It is now a matter of a few clicks to add new disks to the system, from within the Amahi dashboard. This effort has taken place over a year and has involved two interns of the Google Summer of Code (2014) and the Amahi Summer of Code (2015). Thanks go to Kasun and Ahmed for their contributions to this new disk wizard, as well as all the testers that have put their effort into making it work well. We believe it will work in most cases, but we still have some work to do on it, making it better and better.

Tons of Apps, out of the Gate

Another significant contribution in this release is app testing. Amahi 8 includes more than 200 apps that we have tested, out of the gate, to work well. The team worked hard to create this automatic testing framework and mirror system to ensure app installs are effortless, fast and work well. This will make us have a better testing system and release Amahi faster in the future, a long-term goal of ours!

Great kudos go to our testmaster bigfoot65 for the huge, multi-month efforts to get this system going as well as td512 for providing a dedicated server for Amahi to use in our repo and mirror system!

A More Modern Interface, more Features, Faster

You may have noticed that the Forums have a new, polished, look. However, we also spent time improving the appearance of your HDA! Amahi 8 uses a new template system called Bootstrap, made by Twitter, giving it a more responsive and consistent feel across browsers and devices.

Besides this, we have fixed some bugs, upgraded our SSL infrastructure, added features like a more flexible DHCP lease range, per-user access control for apps, XFS filesystem support (provided by the Fedora 21 OS, which will allow us to upgrade faster), easy checking of share disk usage, and improved internationalization.


Thanks to the Amahi community for their great feedback and involvement! This is what inspires us to keep working, and make Amahi better with each version!

Team Amahi

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