Keeping your network updated with a new round of apps!

The Amahi App team has been at it again!  No, not another marathon (yet!), just a few updates.  Updated to the latest version is Monitorix, the system monitoring tool, which is available live in the Store that houses Amahi Apps.     Also updated are two Beta apps: Feng Office, the web based collaboration suite and phpList, the email campaign manager. We love app updates!




Monitorix is a free, open source, lightweight system monitoring tool designed to monitor as many services as possible. At this time it monitors from the CPU load and temperatures to the users using the system. Network devices activity, network services demand and even the devices’ interrupt activity are also monitored, and more. The current status of any corporate server with Monitorix installed can be accessed via a web browser.


BETA APP UPDATES: Feng Office and phpList have been updated to the latest version. Enjoy Amahi Pro subscribers!

Feng OfficeFeng Office

Feng Office (formerly OpenGoo) allows businesses to manage project tasks, billing, documents, communication with co-workers, customers and vendors, schedule meetings and events, and share every kind of electronic information.


phplist is the world’s most popular open source email campaign manager. phplist is easy to integrate with any website.


The Amahi Team

Webapp proxy, analytics, and … arcade games?!?

Hey Home Servers can be for gaming too!  With this latest app release, Amahi brings Arcade gaming to your Amahi Server! ArcademSX and Game Packs 1 & 2 bring classic arcade games to your network.  Many other game packs are also available.

If you’ve visited the Forums or Community Channel, you have no doubt seen the question, “How do I access my Apps when I’m away from home?”.  It is one of the most requested features for Amahi.  Contributor Guillaume Boudreau took on the challenge and created Amahi Web Apps Proxy.  This App makes it simple to access your Amahi Apps over the Internet, if  VPN is not an option for you.   Please educate yourself on the security implications of Hosting a website.

If you do host a website, commercial or personal, Piwik can provide you with a plethora of information about the traffic and visitors on your site (known as analytics).  Piwik is hosted on your server, so the visitor data stays private. It also has a plug-in feature for easy customization.

We hope you have fun with these new Apps and find them useful. Read on for more!

ArcademSX is here, the most advanced free arcade script ever released. With ArcademSX, you can install game packs from AVArcade, GameSiteScript, phpArcadeScript, and even use highscore compatible IBProArcade games to allow your users to compete for the top spot in your arcade.
No other arcade script is as easy or feature packed,  as Arcadem Pro. There are many more great features, check them out here or at the parent site here.

Also check out the two game packs that we are releasing ArcademSX Game Pack 1 and ArcademSX Game Pack 2

Amahi Web-Apps ProxyAmahi Web-Apps Proxy

Amahi Web-Apps Proxy allows the use of multiple Amahi applications using a single host name (URL).

This could allow you to access all your Amahi applications by using your URL, from outside your local network. Make sure you enter a username and password to limit access to only authorized users, the first time you access the application.


Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) web analytics software package. It provides detailed reports on your website and its visitors, including the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, which pages they like, the files they download and so much more. Piwik aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics.

All the program’s features are built as plugins, which means you can easily add new plugins built by the community to customize your own Piwik installation. If you have specific needs then you can build a plugin that processes data in a different way.


The Amahi Team.

… And Touchdown! Six new apps, including phpBB, EyeOS and More!

[UPDATE: one of the apps (the torrent downloader) had to be pulled at the last minute]

The Amahi Team is ON FIRE! Another round of awesome testing by the Testing Team has lead us to announce the release of new applications for Amahi.

We have two applications with massive development behind them and very good looks! phpBB, one of the leading forum software, and EyeOS and operating system, in your browser!

We also have an easy to use recipe book for the cooking inclined.

Want to run a Fantasy Football league amongst your mates? Have no fear we have just the app for you! Then you can brag about your grid iron conquests/stats in your new forum software!

Rounding the pack comes Gregarius, a good RSS/feed aggregator for your own use.

Go ahead and install them! Read on for more details!


phpBB is a UBB-style discussion board written in PHP. It includes features such as posting/replying/editing messages, private messages, private forums, user and anonymous posting, robust theming, user ranking by posts or by special, admin definable, ranks, and much more.


eyeOS is an Open Source Platform designed to hold a wide variety of Web Applications. eyeOS was thought of as a new definition of an Operating System, where everything inside it can be accessed from everywhere inside a Network. All you need to do is login into your eyeOS server with a normal Internet Browser, and you have access to your personal desktop, with your applications, documents, music, movies… just like you left it.
Many thanks to all the contributors and testers for all your hard work creating and testing apps!

phprecipebook phprecipebook

PHPRecipeBook is a web based cookbook with the ability to create shopping lists. The contents of the shopping list are pulled from the ingredients of the recipes selected. Lists can be saved and later loaded.

Fantasy Football League ManagerFantasy Football League Manager

phpFFL is a free, customizable web-based Fantasy Football League Manager with automated scoring. Some of the features included in phpFFL are a Live Draft Module based on Ajax with autodraft capability, Default player rank and ability for each team to customize their own list and Customized Scoring to Fit Your League (just to name a few)!


Gregarius is a web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator, designed to run on your web server, allowing you to access your news sources from wherever you want.

Cheers! And for those in the US, have a good long weekend ahead!

The Amahi Team

Application Eruption!

The community is starting to buzz. Here’s a list of the 25 applications currently available as one-click installs on Amahi.

And, there are hundreds of applications in the pipeline. Good work Amahi community, with a special thanks to our newly minted testers and to #DCoT at Twitter for his app suggestions) — everything from a DVR to a complete home security system.

If there’s an application you’d like to see on Amahi let us know and we’ll help you get it done. The core team is available to help those who are having problems, and at the same time is working on making it easier to find the type of application you are looking for!

Application Name Type of Application
AjaXplorer File Browser (amazing!)
AmahiTunes iTunes Media Server
Ampache Media Manager and Server
Gallery2 Photo Gallery
Home Inventory Household management
Jinzora Media Manager and Server
Joomla Content Management System
Maps Mapping
PBA Backup (network based)
phpMyAdmin System Utility (database)
phpSysInfo System Utility (hardware)
Piwik Web analytics
Recipes Household Management
RPM Fusion (Free) System Utility (increased functionality)
RPM Fusion (Non-Free) System Utility (increased functionality)
sabnzbd Newsreader
Slideshow Picture Gallery
TorrentFlux Bit torrent downloader
Transmission Bit torrent downloader
uShare UPnP and DLNA media server
WebVNC System Utility (remote access)
Weightwatcher Household Management
MediaWiki Content Management System
WordPress Content Management System

For an up-to-date list just look at the App Gallery at