Themes, VoIP/PBX, Amahi 5.5 ready! And the winners are …

Fusion PBX

Wow! We are blown away with the innovative ways in which the community responded to the theme and app contest!

We got 9 new themes, which we are releasing live today (screenshots below) and we even have a top notch VoIP/PBX app, FusionPBX and a hot full-disk backup solution, Redo Backup, in progress!

Today we bring you this: The winners, the features, and … a new Amahi release!

Amahi 5.5!

Amahi 5.5 brings a guest dashboard for non-logged in users, a few fixes and some better networking and app support, along with Wake-on-LAN/WOL. Also included is an update in Greyhole with some bug fixes. Thank you for reporting and testing them!

And the Winners are …

Without further ado, look at the new features the new themes brought on: vertical tabs, mobile support, highlights in rows, nicely shaped tabs, … even an Easter egg in the theme! These innovations result in a smoother looking, cleaner dashboard, just another step forward in the evolution of Amahi.  Kudos to the individuals who contributed, you are another reason why the Amahi community is a great place!

The entries for the theme and app contest came from Florida, Indiana, Germany, Georgia, the Netherlands, Canada and Texas!

One of the biggest new features in a theme is Ben Wyatt’s Touch Theme that integrates mobile functionality, allowing for better control and improved rendering in iPhone/iPod/Android/WebOS devices. Check out our wiki for how to mod your Android based phone or iPhone to add VPN capabilities. What’s better than controlling your server from your phone?

Coming up!

What’s coming up? Amahi 6, with a whole slew of new features! Amahi 6 will leverage new features and advancements of Ruby on Rails 3.0 (released yesterday BTW). Amahi 6 will incorporate performance improvements, javascript helpers, cross site scripting protection, and very cool Amahi Gadgets and Widgets. More on this soon!

Enjoy the screenshots below, and congratulations to the winners and runner-ups! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with your new Plug Computer!


Touch Theme submitted by Ben Wyatt

Ocean Theme

Ocean Theme submitted by MartinF


On the Horizon submitted by slm4996


Celestial Theme submitted by SolaR

Zombie Parade

Zombie Parade submitted by llamallama


Carbon Theme submitted by MartinF

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey submitted by slm4996

Chupacabra Theme

Chupacabra Theme submitted by the one and only Chupacabra

Colorus Theme

Colorus Theme submitted by Guillaume Boudreau

Sheeva Theme

Sheeva theme launched to kick off the Theme Contest

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Get Your Theme Groove On! Win a Plug Computer

Congratulations to twitter user @delring for winning the Amahi Plug Retweet contest!

We had fantastic tweets and superb followers retweet for the chance to win their own Amahi Plug Computer! The retweeting got interesting near the end with 200 tweets in the last six hours and a great response for the entire contest!

But have no fear if you didn’t win the retweet contest! The Amahi theme and app contest is going strong and gaining speed with 6 chances to win a Plug Computer! Just remember that it ends on Sunday August 22 at the stroke of midnight (Pacific Time, if you are wondering :) ).

Check out how the contest is going so far. See the the two entries by @slm4996 including Shades of Gray and On the Horizon, the bright Chupacabra theme by (ironically) Chupacabra, the popular Colorus theme by Mouton. For those of you who still want to get into the action we’ve got some cool resources in our wiki, like a detailed guide , including the new ability to have custom Javascript on a theme. Don’t forget to check the rules.

It does look like we may even get a mobile theme!

So get out there do your thang and get your Theme on!

Intrepid observers noticed that you can get a PogoPlug in the US with a nice rebate from Fry’s until the end of the day TODAY (note that the PogoPlug is not too friendly when it comes to rooting it, so you are better off doing a nice theme :) ).

We did not forget about the apps – bring on a new and exciting app and enter the contest! We will value apps with more weight than themes, so your extra effort will be compensated!


The Amahi Team

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