“Best” Home Server Software

The next release of the Amahi home server platform will be really exciting, and is going to happen really soon! The release will, without doubt, make Amahi the “Best Home Server Software” available.

OK, enough silly talk. I have to write a response to the article at LifeHacker.com. As I write this entry, the article sits with 1106 diggs – and it does not even mention Amahi. Apache even made the list!? That’s just plain weird, as Apache is hard to manage directly by regular humans. Next time a reporter does an investigation of the available Home Servers we expect that they’ll be able to find Amahi!appinstall

Why the confidence? Well, the next release will support one-click installation of apps over the web.


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Amahi Home Server as a Workgroup Server

Today we released user requested improvements to make the Amahi home server more suitable to being a workgroup server.

Technically, we have added new features to manage shares in a way that they are group writable. Multiple users in a group can be controlled access with the features we already have, and now they can each have write access all files and folders in the share.

Users requesting this as a way of making the Amahi home server more suitable for workgroups and small businesses.

Shares OptionsIn this new release there is also a fix where web apps’ root directory gets properly changed when the user changes it in the webapp setup GUI.

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